Global Pharmaceutical Company Focused on Growth Through a Global, Integrated IT Delivery Model

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Company has one of the largest and most complex SharePoint implementations in the world.

“ Each time Capgemini comes to meet with us, we don’t get the feeling that you’re trying to sell us something but instead, bringing added value and expert information on technology, advisor community, or industry experts. ”CIO, pharmaceutical company

The Situation

One of the largest global pharmaceutical companies in the world had goals to cut enterprise-wide costs and speed up development of new medicines. This company needed to have a global collaborative solution to improve service to its business units and increase flexibility and responsiveness. The company decided to utilize Capgemini for its SharePoint Outsourcing Service Delivery project, largely due to prior history of excellent service and a cohesive client relationship.

The Solution

Capgemini’s relationship with this pharmaceutical company began in 2004, when initially asked to prove the value of the Rightshore® delivery model. This proof of the model was instrumental in gaining the client’s trust and winning a contract for new business. The scope of the work includes specialized web applications, workflow and pathfinders, integration with live Communication server, integration with SAP and custom applications such as people search / business card. The Capgemini Operations Team manages the migration of software through the development, quality assurance and production environments and delivers these services in accordance with ITIL processes.

The Result

This company receives support 24/7 with a global support team that is comprised of 90% offshore staff and a front-office team based in North America. This company has one of the largest and most complex SharePoint implementations in the world, with its intranet currently housing 51,000 MySites. The Capgemini team has met or exceeded SLA/KPI established contractual obligations for the past two years, with a 90-100% customer satisfaction rating. The global Capgemini Operations Team manages the migration of changes through the development, quality assurance and production environments demonstrating a consistent track record of 100% accuracy throughout the process, allowing the client to maintain strict adherence to high standards for quality control and Federal Drug Administration and other governmental regulations. This high degree of accuracy provided by Capgemini allows the client to maintain its position as industry leader. In addition, Capgemini has worked through SharePoint issues, providing added value both to the client and the software manufacturer. In some specific situations, Capgemini was able to analyze the software code and provide notes to the software manufacturer to initiate a code change. During 2009, Capgemini successfully implemented an upgrade of SharePoint Enterprise Edition. The added functionality of this upgrade included SharePoint Administration and reporting tools such as Metalogix Migration Manager, Quest – Recovery Manager and Site Administrator. During the transition, Capgemini incorporated lessons learned from each phase to improve the subsequent phases. This proactive approach provided a winwin for Capgemini and the client by reducing the outage window and eliminating potential issues in advance, preventing millions of dollars in production losses, as any outage would affect the client’s manufacturing abilities worldwide.


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