Lanekassen: Automated Student Loans: Norway Leverages IT Services to Modernize State Funded Education

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Capgemini equips the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, Lånekassen with better IT infrastructure and online services to maximize customer and employee satisfaction as a cornerstone of the state-funded education system.


The Situation

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, Lånekassen, offers loans and grants to students. For many Norwegians, the fund is their first contact with government agencies, and each year, the fund processes 700,000 applications for educational support and payment deferrals. Its core case management system – a mainframe application from the 1980s – did not support Lånekassen’s ambitions to further automate the application process. Moreover, it wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate changing business rules, and efficient handling of manual applications. In 2005, Lånekassen embarked on an ambitious program to renew and realign its IT portfolio.

The Solution

Capgemini was engaged by Lånekassen in 2008, after an initial project (with another provider) was terminated on account of cost overruns. Capgemini chose a Microsoftbased case management solution for increased flexibility and security compared to the existing systems. The solution included standard components such as BizTalk Server, InRule as a rule engine and SOA Software for SOA Governance.

The Result

The Capgemini solution offered newer functionalities to Lånekassen and its customers. It increased online self-service capabilities, improving accessibility for customers, while reducing the need for manual operations for Lånekassen, thereby enhancing process efficiency. A large number of applications, which previously had to be manually processed, now run smoothly through the automated system. For instance, increased automation ensures that access to complete information for any particular case is much easier. The parameters for Lånekassen’s operations change with fluctuating interest rates, changes in social security schemes and other adjustments in the grant rules. With the new solution, these business rules can be easily changed and implemented.