Haringey Citizens Enjoy Enhanced Services from their Council

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Partnership between Haringey Council and Capgemini delivers e-Government strategy and effective CRM

“Capgemini was refreshingly focused on Haringey’s best interests – it operated
as part of one “Haringey team” which included seamlessly managing other consultants
as well as client staff.”

David Airey, IT Development Programme Manager, Haringey Council

The Situation

In January 2005, the London Borough of Haringey engaged Capgemini to help steer
its e-Government programme to create better services. At the same time, Capgemini
was asked to bring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Siebel expertise
to upgrade the Council’s existing system and develop new CRM processes.

The Solution

Capgemini worked with the Council’s IT Development Management team to develop
and implement a new set of processes to help monitor and track its e-Government

A Programme Management Office (PMO) was established. The team tasked to steer
the programme was restructured to make effective use of resources so that overall
objectives could be met within required timeframes. A three year implementation
plan was developed, supported by training and communication activities.

“Capgemini has provided excellent services in shaping and supporting the e-Government
programme at Haringey Council. 
As well as providing the Programme Directorship, Programme Management Office
(PMO) and Web Project Management, Capgemini utilised Subject Matter Experts across
its local government practice to ensure that Haringey was always aware of the
latest ODPM thinking with regards to e-Government outcomes. 
As ever, delivery on time was the key test and Capgemini ensured that all e-Government
targets were met (BVPI 157, ODPM Priority Service Outcomes etc) and in many cases
the solutions delivered exceeded business expectations”

David Airey, IT Development Programme Manager, Haringey Council

The Council’s Customer Services department, IT Development team and Capgemini
jointly developed and launched a plan to upgrade the Council’s Siebel CRM system.
The CRM programme leveraged Capgemini capabilities in the UK and India via Rightshore™.
The approach that Capgemini adopted accelerated the deployment of the solution
within agreed cost, quality and time parameters.

The Result

The e-Government programme has been underpinned by a close working partnership
with Capgemini. Having satisfied the 54 Priority Service Outcomes (PSOs) set by
the Government, the Council is well placed to achieve Gershon targets for public
sector efficiency and improved service to citizens.

Haringey has also met 100% of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s e-Government
target, now managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government. This
results in improved web-based services for citizens who can now access Council
services outside normal office hours for lean and efficient internal processing
of transactions.

The Siebel CRM system went live within six months of starting the development
phase. The team successfully migrated customer records, addresses and transaction
history from the original CRM system. This now allows Haringey citizens to conduct
their affairs with the Council through a variety of communication channels.

“Capgemini provided both the project implementation resources and on-going application
maintenance. The project is seen as a major success story and was delivered on-time,
to budget and expectation.”

David Airey, IT Development Programme Manager, Haringey Council


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