CRM Success at Czech Bank Českࡠspořitelna Wins Awards

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Capgemini helps the bank deploy a client-focused strategy via eight building blocks.

“We will never forget your huge contribution to our success.” 

Jack Stack, CEO, Českࡠspořitelna

The Situation

Českà¡ spořitelna placed high value to its scarcest resource—existing customers.
Enjoying an image as a trusted partner, strategies and values ensured that the
bank remained close to customers.

Českࡠspořitelna launched a strategic initiative to fulfill its vision for effective
CRM. It entrusted Capgemini as its CRM and integration partner.

The Solution

A joint team was rapidly mobilised to transform the initiative into a comprehensive
CRM roadmap and a plan to deploy it in program streams.

New service and segmentation categories were defined to transform the branch

New technology was developed and implemented to facilitate a logical stream of
relevant transactions with each of the bank’s 5.3 million customers.

Technology included Siebel eFinance, SAS Enterprise Miner, Oracle 9i DWH and
BEA Middleware served by EMC Symmetrix and HP UNIX hardware.

Interfaces with customers were streamlined for an enhanced experience with higher
quality. The team designed a framework of relevant metrics, at operational and
process levels, to measure success.

The Result

Program measurement has allowed Českࡠspořitelna to track its CRM investment.
The company reports ROI as forecasted. This has been through incremental increases
in sales and better profitability from customer-focused processes and services.

Since embarking on the project, the bank has exceeded its growth forecasts two
years running. In 2005, gross revenue and net profits both increased by 20% with
profitability up to 35.8%. Brand awareness (prompted) increased to 99.3%.

Customer satisfaction metrics were equally good. The index for customer satisfaction
rose to 76.6% and ROI for some direct marketing campaigns increased by thousands
to a stunning 3,400%.


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