SOA Helps Cadbury Schweppes Reduce Risk and Increase Flexibility

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Capgemini helped Cadbury Schweppes set up a global IT architecture function and establish the foundations for a Service-Oriented IT Architecture

“Cadbury Schweppes needs a modern, standards-based IT architecture to enable
agile, heterogeneous technology solutions that the business requires, on-time
and at the right price.” 

Robert Peterson, Senior VP – Global IT Solutions, Cadbury Schweppes plc

The Situation

Cadbury Schweppes, based in the UK, is the world’s largest confectionery company
and has a strong regional presence in beverages in North America and Australia.
By the late-1990s, Cadbury Schweppes was maintaining 25 different SAP systems.
Maintenance was expensive and integration was difficult. Around 2000, the company
established a program to move to three regional SAP systems worldwide and standardize
processes around those systems. However, the rollout of this solution proved to
be difficult and risky. By the summer of 2004, the company needed an alternative
that would be more flexible and involve less risk.

The Solution

Cadbury Schweppes selected Capgemini to help it deploy an approach based on the
latter’s Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) and Service-Oriented Architecture
(SOA). As part of the program, the company defined and created its own Component
Based Architecture (CBA), which it considers to be synonymous with SOA. Solutions
can be designed and developed as components or services. New systems can be deployed
in a much more gradual way than they were before. Cadbury Schweppes is committed
to maximizing its use of packaged application solutions from vendors like SAP
and Oracle/Siebel deployed as components. This new approach to solution delivery
was adopted by Cadbury Schweppes through its own architecture office, which was
set up with the help of Capgemini.

The Result

By taking an SOA approach, Cadbury Schweppes reduced the degree of risk generally
associated with large rollouts and established greater flexibility and the ability
to adapt more easily and quickly to change. The system also makes it possible
for Cadbury Schweppes to track the number of services developed and the reusability
of the services. In addition, the establishment of the architecture office enables
the company to develop its own SOA capabilities as an ongoing process rather than
as a one-time project.