BMW’s Dealer Communication System is the Ultimate Driving Machine

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Capgemini develops Dealer Communication System for BMW to support phenomenal sales in Mexico; helps double spare part orders and increase transactions by 50%.

“Working with Capgemini gave us the IT solutions that the business demanded to make us the Number One leader in the luxury segment. This level of success can be attributed in part to the advantages of the IT projects. Our main partner for all our IT projects is Capgemini.”
BMW Group Mexico Management

The Situation

BMW Group Mexico is the leader in sales within the luxury car segment. Sales in Mexico were increasing at a phenomenal pace. BMW Group Mexico was growing very fast and delivery efficiency was in jeopardy. Success was putting a strain on the information systems. BMW needed visibility on its stock and a centralized method of information exchange for locating cars and spare parts and coping with larger volumes.

The Solution

Capgemini created a Dealer Communication System (DCS) Internet Web portal linked to SAP® R/3. BMW dealers can now place orders online €•configure and purchase cars, motorcycles, check parts and prices, and receive a confirmation and follow up on their orders. Three DCS’s were developed at the same time and are now in operation in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. BMW was one of the first automotive manufacturers in Mexico to use a DCS over the Internet with SAP® R/3 transactions.

The Result

Dealers are now able to track order status, from headquarters throughout the rest of the world. Supported by the Dealer Communication System, parts orders have doubled, handled comfortably by the same number of staff. BMW is now better prepared to forecast vehicle sales, and inventory is streamlined throughout the supply chain giving full information and clarity to dealers.