Data-Driven R&D, Engineering, Manufacturing & Operations

A new, innovative approach to R&D and Engineering.

Engineering and R&D leaders are addressing a new generation of global challenges, ranging from harnessing green energy and enabling sustainable mobility to finding novel disease treatments.

The scale and diversity of these challenges demands a new, innovative approach. Blending physical real-world intelligence with novel AI and modelling solutions to impact your end-to-end value chain from concept to marketplace delivery.

We know that this is a journey and not a project. It requires new thinking about technology, data landscapes, business processes and the people that make it all happen. We partner with you on every step of this journey so you achieve your goals.

Get to market, faster, with less risk

What we do

Data & AI Strategy & Roadmapping

We make sense of your complex data landscapes and deliver your actionable roadmap to deliver your strategic goals.

RAPIDE-Start Proof-of-value

We rapidly determine a use cases or proof-of-concepts’ real-world value built from structured evidence not subjective guesswork to move forward with confidence.

Data Engineering Services

Complete assessment of your data management maturity using our established DM maturity modelling building on industry standards, including DM-BOK.

Data Ontology and Taxonomy Mapping

Developing ontologies for complex Knowledge Graphs, bringing to life FAIR data principles and enabling self-service data access

Data Science Partnership

Flexible, scalable AI and data science innovation partnership to accelerate R&D and operational cycles, improve analytics quality and automate complex processes. Experienced AI, data and software engineering experts from Capgemini Hybrid Intelligence

Rapid, controlled, industrial-scale development, deployment, and operationalization of data & AI intelligent systems.

Opportunities for growth

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