Digital innovations have radically altered consumer expectations about how they interact with everyone and everything. People are now demanding the same level of convenience and simplicity in their interactions with work colleagues – and business leaders are beginning to understand that it pays to deliver. Simply put, a fantastic employee experience translates to superior business results.

But it’s not enough to simply translate the consumer experience to the work environment. There’s much more you can do to make the employee experience even better than what people are accustomed to in their personal lives.

By adding intelligence to the delivery of business services – through cognitive computing, machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation and more – you can create amazing experiences that not only enable you to quickly respond to employee needs, but actually predict and proactively address their requirements and requests in novel ways that increase engagement.

That’s why Capgemini created the Connected Employee suite of services.

Capgemini’s Connected Employee offerings make extensive use of data analytics, cognitive computing, machine learning, chatbots, voicebots, gamification, and more to predict and respond to employee needs. This significantly improves the end-user experience and encourages more and better collaboration across teams.

Capgemini can support you every step of the way. We can help you create a strategy for an end-to-end Connected Employee transformation and assist with assessment and deployment services to implement your roadmap and execute your business priorities.


Specific service elements include:

  • Cognitive solutions: Our cognitive solutions can also predict a problem – for example when a database is about to run out of space – and fix it before employees are impacted.
  • Digital Adoption solutions: Our digital adoption solutions help drive user engagement. We can help you use gamification – with points, leaderboards, and incentives – to make the experience more enjoyable, leading to higher levels of engagement.
  • Social and Collaboration solutions: Our social and collaboration solutions leverage tools like Yammer, Sharepoint, Skype, and Office 365 to encourage better collaboration. We can provide a portal that makes it easy to target your office communications to specific user groups and personae or create campaigns to achieve specific outcomes.

Capgemini is the one partner that brings together everything you need to deliver an amazing employee experience: freedom of choice in apps and devices, smart, fast, easy ways to get the service and support employees need, creative solutions for engagement and collaboration, and  better ways to manage interactions in the physical office environment.

Connected Employee benefits

For Employees

  • Fast, easy access to colleagues and personalized support when, where and how they need it
  • Flexible support through any channel the user prefers, anytime, anywhere
  • Use of intelligence drives higher engagement, caters to Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z employees
  • Faster resolution times when problems occur

For IT

  • Improved end-user satisfaction and fewer complaints
  • Ability to automate complex user input and trigger automation of request fulfilment; gives staff more time for other things
  • Improved IT operational efficiency
  • Improved IT services through better insights

For the Enterprise

  • Better management decisions
  • Smarter, more automated support channels bring down the cost of high-quality support
  • Data science can help drive costs down by targeting specific client problems (e.g. predicting the risk of an end-user complaint or a server failure)
  • Engaged end users help recruit and retain top talent

See it, experience it yourself

The best way to understand and appreciate the capabilities of the Connected Employee is to see it for yourself. Request a demo today and get new insights into how you can transform the employee experience – and business performance. Drop us an email at