Based on a quantitative assessment and bench marking of your Customer Service performance, CIS provides Marketing, Customer Relationship and Customer Experience directors as well as Chief Information Officers with a targeted action plan and estimated gains to act on 3 key transformation levers of Customer Service: revenue growth, customer service operating costs reduction and customer satisfaction improvement

To meet the requirements of your customers, more informed and volatile, you must understand their usages and need to implement a « Customer centric » and efficient customer relationship strategy. To do so, the exploitation of increasing and complex omnichannel interactions data is crucial.

After years of accompanying companies on customer relationship issues, Capgemini has created Customer Interaction Service: an innovative solution available from the web that allows you, in only 6 weeks, to have an exhaustive view of your customer service performance and to benefit from targeted recommendations with estimated gains and tangible results in terms of:

  • Improved customer satisfaction,
  • Increased revenue,
  • Reduced operating costs.

Through the solution you have access to:

  • A qualitative and quantitative assessment of your customer service’s maturity level thanks to a sectorial benchmark of more than 200 companies’ interactions data,
  • An innovative and user-friendly interface to explore your data and better understand your customers’ expectations,
  • Recommendations with estimated gains to personalize your action plan.

Customer Interaction Service framework is built on 5 key dimensions of Customer Relationship:

  • Touchpoint efficiency: to improve the efficiency of interactions for each contact channel,
  • Client centricity: to offer a personalized journey adapted to the specificities and expectations of your customers,
  • Operational optimization: to align the operational performance of your contact center with your company’s business objectives,
  • People and skills: to ensure the best level of quality in training, attracting and retaining talents,
  • Customer Journey Analytics: to identify strengths and areas for improvement of your customer journey.