The transaction is a the most critical of all customer interactions, this is the value exchange, this is where a consumer becomes a customer and getting this moment right can provide the key to a life-long valuable and valued relationship.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

In today’s marketplace, businesses need to be present the moment customers make a purchase decision – where ever that decision is made. Our expert teams provide businesses with next generation e-commerce optimizations to reach shoppers anytime, anywhere – mobile, laptop, network commerce, and in stores.

We help our clients by:

  • Creating the optimal channel mix based on an assessment of customer wants and needs, and channel economics
  • Linking the channels that customers use as they move from awareness through purchase and advocacy – Conversion flow optimization
  • Identifying and leveraging new channels of interaction and distribution, including customer-to-customer social networks
  • Enabling seamless customer experiences within and across channels by integrating channel functionality
  • Re-engineering internal organizational structures around the many new types of customer interaction
  • Product recommendation and personalization strategies
  • Storefront optimization
  • Commerce platform selection/optimization

Our Track Record and Value Delivery

Our experiences in the different dimensions of Commerce span a wide range of business functions and industries.  Key examples of how we have helped companies better manage their channels include:

  • Transformation of a high-tech manufacturer into a retail player by launching and managing its online webshops
  • Development of a speech recognition capability and workflow for a leading PC and video game retailer – conversational commerce
  • Development of a channel strategy focusing on sales, customer service, and delivery for a communications and logistics company