New Change Deal

In a world of globalization and constant innovation, business structures are facing an ever-changing technological and socio-economical paradigm. Change management is here to help them to adapt. And to survive.

Did you know that companies using change management are six times more likely to achieve the business results they expect? Why is it so? Change is THE challenge and about helping organizations take full advantage of the digital era, to make a workforce more mobile or to answer key questions like: How do we achieve a mindset change towards digital? How much do we need to change the way we approach projects to engage and empower our employees? How can we conduct a change that is focused on tangible and transformation results?

Transitioning to a future-ready organization relies not only on deep and wide technology and process evolution, but also on a high level of engagement and motivation of everyone connected to the business –employees, partners, alumni and customers.

Research shows engaged employees are four times more likely to go beyond ‘what is expected’, and two and a half times more likely to stay late when something needs to be done. Little wonder organizations with high employee engagement show a 19% increase in operating income and almost 28% growth in earnings per share.1 That’s the point of Capgemini Invent’s New Change Deal: making sure to constantly keep employee engagement up during any transformation process!

New Change Deal – What is it all about?

Concretely, this means:

  • a pragmatic, agile and human-centered process, shaped gradually;
  • an integrated change that believes in “blended” and “on the job” learning;
  • an empowering approach: employees feel like taking initiatives? They’re more than welcome!
  • a priority: tangible transformation results.

It is built on the five compulsory principles Empowerment, Swarming, Prototyping, Co-Design, and Shared Vision, putting both employees and managers in the center of change.

5 principles of New Change Deal

The New Change Deal addresses the change journey in an agile, iterative way to enable organizations to react to the challenges of our ever changing, digital world. Change Management and communication activities are conceptualized and planned in rapid sprint cycles to ensure fast paced delivery as well as flexible adaption to project needs. After each sprint, new effective change formats are released within the organization and will be monitored via real-time feedback. Moreover, due to the high employee empowerment and involvement by setting up an interdisciplinary embedded change team and following the five principles, employees are made stakeholders of change.

The New Change Deal does not replace proven change management tools – it rather enriches the change management practice by including agile ways of working and the techniques of co-creation and design thinking. We can show results quickly and co-create the transformation together with clients.


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