Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework

Get up to 30% efficiencies in evolving your current BI landscape into a modern architecture

Finding your way in the big data maze

The vision for an insights-driven future is becoming a reality. Using the new capabilities of Big data and Data science is a tremendous opportunity to transform your existing BI assets and capabilities.

Organizations looking to move to next-generation data landscapes need to consider the complexities of the full transformation lifecycle:

  • What to do with duplicated data sets and unused assets
  • How to automate the process
  • Assessment of the assets (relational tables, analytical models, BI reports, ETL data pipelines..) to be transformed
  • The right decommissioning strategy and user adoption strategy, non-regression testing and more.

An industrialized, highly-automated path for your big data journey

Capgemini, a thought leader in helping clients find the data landscape that is right for them, has built a comprehensive transformation framework to help organizations better manage their journey to big data and Hadoop.

Our solution industrializes every aspect of transforming current capabilities to use big data in a predictable, repeatable and cost effective way. It uses advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to accelerate and industrialize the transformation process and bring down both the costs and the risk of your project.

It differs from traditional migration frameworks in its modularity, its agility to adapt to the full range of big data architectures and its automated approach that provides greater speed, control and scalability.

Key features to secure the transformational journey end to end

Capgemini’s Leap Data Transformation Framework is a game-changing solution for transitioning to big data landscapes. It industrializes our expertise in migrating complex legacy BI and reporting environments. The approach ensures rapid adaptation to each client and to future evolutions of the Business Data Lake architecture.

The Framework and its modules can be offered ‘as-a-service’, maximizing ease of implementation and management for our clients and helping them to gain confidence for their journey to the Business Data Lake.

Accelerate, innovate and differentiate your business

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