Customer Experience

Immersive, highly personalized experiences. Augmented operations. Empowered employees. Humans and technology working together with transparency and trust. Now is the time to exploit the real world power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Infusing AI into digital customer platforms makes Customer Experience more human at a scale previously unimaginable – it’s improving the quality of life for the individual customer and employee.

AI is becoming the best weapon to reach and engage customers while boosting efficiency… There are four domains where AI can improve customer experience, with specific use cases, based on a solid Customer understanding:

  • Marketing: market search, engagement scoring, content personalization…
  • Sales: Account insights, Lead scoring, Forecasting…
  • Service: Anti churn recommendations, Contact qualification & distribution…
  • Commerce: Products recommendations, Predictive Search, Dynamic pricing…

With AI Activate from Capgemini Invent, we have measurable results in Customer experience, based on our 310+ accounts leveraging AI.

  • We launched a People Data Centre, providing industrialized insights as a service. Results: +197% efficient reach, +33% engagement, -20% costs (CPG)
  • We created a new ad business, based on individualized consumer targeting (Service)
  • We build a next-best-action recommendation system & delivers its live insights as a service to 20+ car dealers (Automotive)

AI is a new standard of competition, increasing consumer satisfaction of more than 10% for 75% of companies using AI (Source: Capgemini – State of AI survey, 2018, for 993 organizations implementing AI surveyed worldwide).

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