Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics is our comprehensive solution that measures and monitors risk. It enables focused control assessment and helps enterprises protect their reputation, strengthen accountability and satisfy stakeholders.

A Delicate Balancing Act for Today’s Executives

Today’s business leaders face challenges due to lack of a holistic view of risk within their organization. Traditional audit methodologies do not facilitate end to end risk exposure visibility and control assessment. Some of the other challenges include:
  • Lack of comprehensive view and risk heat maps due to
    • Multiple stakeholders and organizational silos
    • Lack of standardization in control exercise and assessment
  • Insufficient analytical resources
  • Lack of automation and tools capable of performing root cause analysis

Delivering Business Value through Analytics

Our global analytics team includes:
  • 1,400 data reporting and analysis team members
  • 160 highly qualified risk professionals, accountants and engineers at our Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Specialists with extensive experience working in the Risk Management space

A Comprehensive Approach to Risk Monitoring

Risk Insights 360 o is our Risk Analytics solution and is a part of our CFO Analytics suite. It is a key lever for successful Enterprise Risk Management and includes:
  • 360° executive level dashboard highlighting enterprise health score
  • Pre-built reports with multiple parameters and measures designed to identify outliers based on monitoring of 100% transactional data
  • Root cause analysis capable of going to the lowest transaction levels
  • Key insights to help executives prioritize and channelize their GRC energies
  • Actionables that enable executives to prioritize remediation measures that offer the most impact