Activate data-driven operations to reopen and stay open

Capgemini Smart COVID Response for Businesses

Businesses will need to manage and respond to the pandemic over the next several years. As such, companies need a plan to ensure their employees and customers stay safe. Facilities, human resources, field support, and customer service all need to be considered. Capgemini has a suite of solutions to help businesses reopen and stay open even as the economy remains disrupted.

Speed is critical. In 48 hours, Capgemini can do an initial assessment and start of helpdesk/call center operations to lay the foundation for an MVP in as little as 1 week.

We offer help for:

  • Manufacturers: facilities support with capacity modelling to adhere to social distancing requirements, testing and results management, workforce planning to manage shifts, field engineering and servicing support, and quarantine HR support.
  • Hospitality operators: reconfiguring spaces to adhere to social-distancing guidelines, guest experience planning, onboarding experience, testing and results management, workforce planning to reduce the risk of spread, customer support, and case identification and resolution.
  • Financial Services:Population sensing and thermal imaging technology to promote social distancing, workforce planning, work from home analytics, physical space layout optimization.
  • Retailers: facilities support including physical layout modifications to ensure social-distancing adherence, workforce planning to increase safety, and case identification and resolution.
  • Energy and utilities: field engineering and service support including integration with local policies and mobile location tracking, workforce planning to increase safety, and case identification and resolution.
  • Airline, Public Transport: crowd sensing with real-time platform crowding information, workforce planning, case identification and resolution.
  • Offices, Real Estate: track number of people in offices, optimize meeting room space, control building entry.

Agility is the key during this disruption. Companies need to pivot and prepare for a changed market over the longer term. Having the right plan and data will make it easier to navigate. Be ready to reopen safely with Smart Covid Response for Business.

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