Wealth Management Strategies for the American Retirement Market

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Are wealth managers prepared to help clients transition to retirement?

Traditionally, wealth management (WM) firms have focused on wealth accumulation and growth for clients. Firms claim they are personalizing services and offerings for retirees. However, they may not be serving some segments that most need to manage post-retirement spending efficiently.

Demand is high in the United States – not only from high-net worth individuals (HNWIs) but also from low net worth, mass affluent, and affluent segments. Everyone needs to determine a comfortable monthly retirement income level based on all income sources.

In this white paper, Capgemini Financial Services and Income Discovery explore how the most strategic firms are shifting focus from wealth accumulation to decumulation. It highlights how wealth managers can guide American retirees about safe spending while optimizing their cash flow across all income sources tax efficiently.  Future-focused firms will need to leverage a new capability – Unified Managed Income (UMI) – an in-plan managed account that offers personalized, holistic strategy for inflation-adjusted retirement income.


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