The cloud imperative for Telcos’ data analytics

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Addressing the myriad of challenges cloud migration can help solve within the telecommunications industry

For many Communication Service Providers (CSPs), their existing data infrastructure is no longer adequate for addressing new data demands and challenges, including data access, management, sharing, and monetization. While migrating the data estate to the cloud has proven effective in many sectors, doing so is particularly challenging for organizations like CSPs that hold large volumes of data of high complexity.

In this new point of view, The cloud imperative for Telcos’ data analytics, we explore how the flexibility and scalability of the cloud can help address some of the Telco industry’s most pressing questions about cloud migration and data estate modernization, including:

  • Which new demands are made on CSPs’ data analytics infrastructures?
  • How does the cloud address those demands?
  • What are the major strategies for implementing a successful cloud transformation?
  • How can Capgemini help in this transformation?

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