Intelligent Supply Networks: move more quickly in a space beyond supply chain

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Intelligent Supply Networks gives our clients the agility to move quickly and intelligently in a space beyond supply chain. There, we can work together to invent new supply-value ecosystems to deliver next-generation services to increasingly savvy consumers.

Client issues

Consumers are demanding personalized products and services, and they expect to make purchases across a variety of channels, quickly and painlessly. The consumer no longer sits at the end of a supply chain – they are right at the center of a supply chain ecosystem.

Many business leaders, recognizing that the old supply chain model has become too rigid and linear, are seeking ways to foster innovative new products, enable agile and adaptable business models, and reduce costs.

Our approach

Intelligent Supply Networks gives our clients the ability to harvest data and insights from an ecosystem of interactions to intelligently engage and empathize with consumers. We help to invent new supply-value ecosystems; transforming sourcing, production, customization, and delivery solutions; to power next-generation services with a range of capabilities, including:

  • Integrated business planning
  • Connected autonomous planning
  • Manufacturing 4.0
  • Cognitive supply towers
  • Integrated operations.


With Intelligent Supply Networks we support some of the world’s best-known consumer-products companies to reinvent their supply chains as touchless, autonomous supply-value ecosystems, and meet the demands of today’s connected consumers.


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