IDC Partner Spotlight: Helping businesses go cloud native

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Digital transformation is a business imperative.

IDC expects that by 2023, with new tools, more developers, and lots of code reuse, nearly 100 million new logical apps will be created in Europe, equal to the applications built over the past 40 years.

Are you IT-ready to support this digital application onslaught?

Learn how Capgemini helps businesses containerize existing and modern workloads with Red Hat® OpenShift® to become cloud and digital native.

“The Capgemini and Red Hat partnership on OpenShift is a natural synergy. Containers are the next generation of compute that users are deploying in production for both new and existing applications, across multiple operating systems, on-premise and in multiple clouds.”

Martin Snellgrove, Global Partner Account Manager for Capgemini, Red Hat

IDC Partner Spotlight- Cloud...

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