Hack the design system: a new book on building products faster

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“A design system is a product that serves other products. It’s an enabler for the organization.”  – Petri Heiskanen, SVP of Design, Idean

A design system is a living set of tools that delivers consistent experiences and brand messaging – at scale and over time.

Idean, part of Capgemini Invent, released a new book, Hack the Design Systemwith Adobe. It’s based on insights from design leaders in Fortune 500 companies and brings together their rich and diverse experience in creating design systems for global companies.

While there are plenty of resources available on design systems, too few address the human aspects, and the way design shapes your organization or its outcome. Through our insights, we’ve found:

  • Product teams using design systems are launching digital products and services 50% faster
  • A human-centric approach is more relevant than ever. After all, people are the most powerful driving force for change and adoption.

We also invite you to view materials from the Idean Summit: The Power of Design Systems with Scott Belsky, Adobe’s Chief Product Officer.

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