Smart Talk

How organizations and consumers are embracing voice and chat assistants

Conversational assistants are winning the hearts and minds of consumers

Conversational assistants are here to stay, making everything from boiling an egg to making a payment that much easier. And consumers expect more of them day by day. If they meet these growing expectations, conversational assistants are in a position to transform the customer experience landscape. But do organizations have the customer centricity and organizational capabilities necessary to deploy these technologies successfully?

Consumer appetite is growing

In the new report from the Capgemini Research Institute, Smart Talk: How organizations and consumers are embracing voice and chat assistants,we talked to over 12,000 consumers who’ve used and continue to use voice and/or chat assistants and to 1,000 executives from consumer products and retail, financial services, and automotive, including pure-play digital players. We found that:

  • Conversational assistants are going mainstream– consumers and organizations alike consider them to be crucial for customer engagement and experience
  • Voice is fast becoming consumers’ preferred way to interactfor a number of activities – and it’s on the rise
  • Many organizations are already driving significant benefits from conversational assistants – 76% have realized quantifiable benefits from them and 58% say that these benefits met or exceeded their expectations
  • Less than 30% of companies show conversational interface maturity – and the small group that do focus their efforts on consumer-related factors such as gaining trust, understanding preferences, and better meeting needs, as well as organizational capabilities such as creating awareness and training their employees

Are companies ready to deliver?

Consumers seem to be sold on conversational interfaces. Organizations that want to leverage this growth must strike abalance between human and robotic interactions,they must equip their conversational assistants with additional features, and they have to focus on gaining consumer trust by solving consumer pain points and being contextually relevant.

Conversational assistants hold the key to building deeper and more valuable relationships with customers. But there’s more to it than simply employing a new technology. The secret is delivering a superlative customer experience over and over again. After all, people matter…

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Sound Bites

Henrik Green, senior vice president of Research and Development at Volvo Cars

Soon, Volvo drivers will have direct access to thousands of in-car apps that make daily life easier and the connected in-car experience more enjoyable

Matt Kelleher, online director at UK-based Morrisons

Customers are increasingly using voice commands in their everyday lives to check the weather, play music, or find out the latest news

Daniel Bergan, director of omni-channel transformation at Australian-based Westpac Banking

Bots have a very important role to play in the future of customer service as they are an efficient way to deliver a consistent outcome for repetitive tasks

Key Takeaways


of those now using voice assistants have started doing so in the last year


of the organizations show maturity in both customer centricity and organizational capability


of the top players in automotive, consumer products, and banking andinsurance have deployed voice/chat assistants

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