Benefiting from the Pega and Capgemini partnership.

Drive customer experience and operational efficiency excellence

Connecting with customers in the experience economy takes more than just sales and marketing. It requires smart automation and optimized business processes built around the customer relationship.

Customers expect engaging, personalized and compelling journeys across channels and touchpoints that are available anytime and anywhere across the whole customer lifecycle. To meet these ambitions, organizations require a seamless connection between front-end systems and complex back-end operations. These need to be orchestrated, automated and integrated into the customer journey while being enriched with actionable insights that adapt quickly to market and customer needs. This provides an experience that is relevant and brings value at speed for both the business and customer.

With its unified platform, Pegasystems delivers on this need. Along with Capgemini, this alliance enables customer engagement and operational efficiency while bringing together Pega’s market-leading case management and AI capabilities to provide the brain and the muscle to meet your customers’ end-to-end needs.

Industry-focused customer-service transformation

Every organization faces unique challenges, and Capgemini’s market-leading expertise in digital transformation and Pega delivery equips them to overcome hurdles and thrive. Together, we enrich and transform experiences for clients across industries and verticals.

We help citizens find jobs, transform lending operations for banks, and improve customer retention and value for telecommunications and media companies. We have also helped revolutionize operations for many world-leading organizations in life sciences, healthcare, and automotive.

At Capgemini, we combine business strategy and technology to realize our customers’ goals. With more than 2,000 Pega certified practitioners and a team of digital innovation, consulting, and transformation leaders, it is no wonder that, since 2006, we earned Pega partner awards. Most recently, we received the 2020 Partner awards for Excellence in Digital Transformation and Excellence in Growth and Delivery.

Capgemini delivers a growing range Pega-focused services, including:

  • Advisory
  • Business-process design and optimization
  • Governance
  • Case management
  • Customer engagement
  • Contact center transformation
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • AI and data-driven real time insights
  • UI/UX
  • Upgrade
  • DevOps and Cloud Migration


Proven solutions and accelerators

We offer a broad portfolio of solutions built around Pega technology:

  • Analytics and Social Media Connect – Empowers companies to engage customers through social media, providing targeted offers at the most effective intervals based on spending patterns and other analytics.
  • Appeals and Grievances in Healthcare – Takes advantage of an industry-leading BPM platform to improve customer satisfaction while reducing operating costs. Process controls and transparency boost quality scores and compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs).
  • Citizen Services Solution – Enables simple, efficient delivery of digital services to both citizens and businesses. Incorporating the Pega Dynamic Case Management solution, this front- to back-end platform is omni-channel and preassembled.
  • Commercial Lending Solution – Systematically integrates credit policy into the origination process. The result is a standardized process, an integrated audit trail, and improved transparency and compliance.
  • Customer Insight in Action – Collects social data and applies adaptive decision models to auto-route cases to the appropriate team. The solution calculates and approves retention budgets, applies a next-best-action approach, and recommends the most effective retention strategy.
  • Customer Partner Digitization – Leverages intelligent digitization to automate channel-partner sales processes and optimize customer experiences.
  • Detect to Resolve – Applies automated, predictive-maintenance analytics to proactively avoid machine outages and the associated costs.
  • Digicare – Ensures a patient-centric experience, optimizing the healthcare journey for the patient, practitioner, and platform owner.
  • Next Best Action Marketing and Customer Service Integration in Healthcare – Powered by Pega Customer Decision Hub and next-best-action marketing, this solution enables personalized customer service to improve retention and loyalty.
  • Predictive Services for Customer Engagement – Built on Pega software, this solution uses data analytics and business rules to achieve a contextual picture of customers and their journeys with your brand. It merges digital, inbound, outbound, and event experiences into a single view of the customer for enhanced engagement and loyalty.

Across industries, forwarding-thinking organizations such as Skandiabanken, Swedbank, Swedish Employment Agency and other innovators are experiencing firsthand the personalized customer experiences and optimized business value enabled by Capgemini and Pega.


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