Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program

What we believe

As a leader in digital transformation, we are also a responsible company working to ensure that technology and innovation drive sustainable and social development. We have strengthened this commitment to our employees, clients, and partners by leveraging three fundamental pillars: Diversity, Digital Inclusion, and Environmental Sustainability. In this way, we serve as Architects of Positive Futures.

Architects of Positive Futures

Capgemini’s commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Capgemini’s corporate responsibility work is aligned with and informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically, we have committed to help achieve 11 of the 17 SDGs, and are focusing on:

  • SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing: Providing our employees a safe environment, through our commitment to providing a stimulating, fulfilling and safe environment to our employees to evolve, thrive and get support when needed.
  • SDG 4 Quality Education: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all through our digital literacy programs externally but also the learning and development initiatives implemented internally.
  • SDG 5 Gender Equality: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, by encouraging more women to join our business and empowering them with career paths and opportunities, as well as setting up several Digital Academies entirely dedicated to women.
  • SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy: We are committed to transitioning our own energy supply to 100% renewable electricity, to becoming a vocal supporter of the acceleration of renewable electricity markets, and to supporting our clients in their renewable energy transitions
  • SDG 8 Decent Work Economic Growth: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, by implementing a set of policies around inclusion, health and safety, rewards and compensations, as well as committing to continuously engage with our employees to measure their level of satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace. We also provide foundational digital skills to thousands of people around the world through our digital literacy programs.
  • SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: We work with clients in both the public and private sector to increase their sustainability and resource-efficiency, with a target to help our clients save 10 million tons of CO2.
  • SDG 10 Reduced Inequality: Empower and promote the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status, through various people-oriented policies (representation of women, LGBT+ community, disabled people, health and safety for all, etc.) that pave the way for a more tolerant, inclusive work environment.
  • SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities: We are committed to reducing the emissions and air pollutants associated with business travel and employee commuting, as well as ensuring the sustainable management of waste.
  • SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption: We have an impact on advancing resource efficiency and supporting the circular economy, primarily through the decisions on what we buy, how we use, re-use and dispose of resources, and how we support clients in building circularity and sustainable resource management into their business models.
  • SDG 13 Climate Action: Our sustainability program is oriented around a goal to drive strong action on climate change. We are committed to improving education, building capacity, and raising awareness of climate change both throughout our workforce and with our clients.
  • SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: We fight against corruption through our Group Anti-Corruption Policy and an anti-corruption training formalizing our zero tolerance for corruption.

Further details are available in our Universal Registration Document.

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