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Unlocking Innovation in Healthcare Data

📅7th of March | 🕜13:30pm |📍Syngenta AG, Rosentalstrasse 67, Bâle, CH, 4058

Capgemini-Logo-1 proudly hosts this event in collaboration with:


Join us at the Syngenta Campus in Basel for an immersive event, “Integrating with Capgemini Switzerland and SnapLogic.” Dive into valuable insights and practical demonstrations, uncovering the secrets to simplifying data integration and connectivity in the life science and healthcare industry.

Event Highlights:

  • Gain real-world insights from industry leaders such as Syngenta and Siemens Healthineers.
  • Find out how Syngenta and Capgemini utilise SnapLogic to hydrate an AWS Data Lake, sourcing complex data from SAP, Salesforce & other systems in a standardised, unified way.
  • Explore how Siemens utilise SnapLogic to empower thousands of users to get involved in integration tasks – a dream for any Citizen Integrator initiative.
  • LLM-based integration assistance, Intelligent Document Processing & even creating your own LLMs – take a sneak peek into SnapLogic’s GenAI vision, powered by AWS Bedrock.
  • Discover how you can utilise SnapLogic to accelerate your own AI projects using a series of MLOps connectors – deduplicate, profile, predict, classify & more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of transformative solutions and accelerate your journey in healthcare data integration. Reserve your spot now!





Kaushik Chakraborty

Senior Director (Enterprise Architecture COE of Insight & Data) – Capgemini India

You will learn about…

Self Service Data Platform on AWS to deliver Domain Driven Data Product using Snaplogic to fast-track Syngenta’s long term vision …

Karim Berrah

GTM Specialist for Analytic – AWS

You will learn about…

Modern data architecture concepts, why customers are adopting it, what are the modern data architecture pillars, and some reference architectures for optimal performance and cost effectiveness.


Maks Shah

Head of R&D Data Platforms – Syngenta

You will learn about…

How we used an adaptive architecture on AWS, Databricks and SnapLogic to meet the evolving data and analytics needs of life sciences R&D. Have a sneak peek at what could be next for the industry’s most productive innovation engine where scientists work with a wide range of technologies to transform agriculture.


Stan Okunevic

Partner Solutions Architect – SnapLogic

You will learn about…

Discover the power of SnapLogic’s Gen AI capabilities for rapid time-to-value. We’ll start off with SnapGPT – the SnapLogic Co-Pilot – to generate a VeevaCRM (Salesforce) to AWS Redshift migration using AWS Bedrock, auto-document the new integration and let AutoLink handle the data remodelling. Following that, we’ll see SnapLogic’s GenAI Builder suite in action by utilising an LLM to identify and sanitise Personally Identifiable Information as part of a data migration. Last but not least, we’ll take a sneak peek into how SnapLogic can utilise Retrieval-Augmented Generation to inspect your own documentation (e.g. Employee Policy document) to build an agent of your own!


Aart Labee

Global Head of Data & Analytics – Syngenta

You will learn about…

Discover the transformative power of balancing central D&A capabilities with dedicated D&A Product delivery teams across Functional Domains and Regions. During the opening session Aart will share his expertise together with Capgemini’s CEO in Switzerland Guido Kamann with the mindset “together we learn and grow”. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with your D&A peers and delve into cutting-edge innovation opportunities during informal presentations and interactive sessions with D&A practitioners.


Sharan Rajapur

Solution Architect – Siemens Healthineers

You will learn about…

How snapLogic’s no-code citizen Integration platform is used to integrate enterprise applications in different business processes like Customer Services, CRM, Finance, SCM,  or PLM. Understand the strategy that is taken to maximally scale the deployment across IT and business and in turn to minimize the DevOps efforts by using a consequent citizen approach from early days on.


Philipp Lichtenberg

Philipp Lichtenberg

Business Development Partner – Life Sciences at Capgemini Switzerland


Marijana Vukman

Director, Channel Sales – at SnapLogic

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