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Marta Castaldi

Marta Castaldi

Senior Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Consultant Based in Zurich!


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Could you please give us an insight into your role and area of operations?

Since I started in September 2020 as a Salesforce Consultant at Capgemini, I have led and assisted worldwide implementations of Salesforce Marketing Cloud-based marketing automation for key clients. Even when working with other remote colleagues and clients, my dynamic day-to-day consists of designing, estimating, and strategizing delivery to ensure seamless execution and team cohesion. Fundamentally, I am dedicated to comprehending and anticipating the requirements of our clients, thereby converting them into success implementations through a fusion of expertise and empathy. Beyond providing consultancy services, our objective is to serve as a reliable partner throughout our clients’ digital endeavors.

How do you think is it important to the success of Capgemini in Switzerland?

In Switzerland’s competitive market, where we often face large clients and stiff competition, our team’s diverse knowledge and the freedom to apply it fully really help us stand out. As both an analytical person and a behavioral enthusiast (past as a behavioral researcher), I can apply my technology expertise with my understanding of the client and needs. This approach is about understanding and creating a long-lasting rapport, not just implementing the best technical solutions. I am also working with colleugues that are really keen to grow and contribute, which plays a crucial role in our company’s position in the industry and the perceived trustworthiness of our teams (other key differentiator). It’s the blend of these varied skills and a genuine commitment to both our clients and team collaboration that quietly yet effectively makes Capgemini stand out.

Could you describe the main requirements of your client(s) and the solution we are providing?

Client expectations might fluctuate considerably in the dynamic world of Salesforce. In my many years in Salesforce, I never encountered a project like the previous. We frequently find ourselves either traversing the complexity of a heavily customized, older Salesforce systems, where functionality has been compromised, or designing new Marketing Automation and CRM solutions from the ground up. Our attention is not just on the client’s current demands, but also on their future objectives and identity. The most important component of our job is embarking on these huge initiatives alongside our customers, providing professional guidance, assessing their current situation, promoting best practices, and delivering solutions and strategic insights. We also serve as a mindful advisor, challenging the customers in differentiating their true requirements from their nice-to-haves. It’s about being a part of a transformation and ensuring that our assistance and experience contribute significantly to their objectives.

What are your top three to five priorities in the coming year?

  1. Gain more experience with the AI tools that Salesforce is rolling out.
  2. Consolidate more partnerships with our clients, based on trust and proving our added value.
  3. Gain more experience in different roles, allowing to stretch some other consultant- muscles.

What do you see as the key challenges that we may face in this area?

The main challenge is always competition. We need to differentiate ourselves from other vendors and partners, as true believers this is the technology that could help them. Another challenge, like in any other digital transformation implementation, is the client’s adoption. New technologies require a change in how people work and the willingness to adapt, which can always be frustrating.

Any other key information you would like to share about your area of work?

Salesforce’ s landscape is huge and evolving. It is not only cloud solutions tailored to industries and specific teams and organizations, but a full stack of very different tools that continuously evolve. As partners and consultant, we are required to be always updated, maintain our credentials, and constantly evolve with it. Our work is characterized by a Socratic humility—we frequently learn new cloud technologies with the attitude “I know that I know nothing” and embrace the unfamiliar. It demands that we are versatile as and keen to learn as perpetual students; it is an exhilarating challenge.

Could you share with us any one thing about you not widely known to the team?

I used to be a PhD candidate and research assistant before Salesforce and tech, and my main focus was developing simple digital games to measure player’s unconscious preferences (in research setting only).

What is fascinating is that I would use, implement, and train my own Machine learning algorithms in order to simulate other players that adapt to the participant’s answers. It is funny to see how now this is the big rage in tech ;)