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It seems I just can’t get enough of Capgemini. I left the company in 2013 when I moved from Poland to Germany to start a new life in a new country. I had enjoyed working for Capgemini so much that at my exit interview I told the HR business partner that I’d be back.

Sure enough, a few years later I rejoined the company in Germany and now work as a Service Delivery Manager for Cloud Infrastructure Services.

I love my new role because it’s ever-changing, always evolving. I get a front-row seat to watch the process of a simple idea growing into meaningful business. Each day is different, and it’s a constant adventure. Sometimes I’m a politician, sometimes an advocate, sometimes even an actress!

Enjoy the freedom to grow in your own way

Capgemini gives me the freedom to choose how I work, how I learn, and how I develop myself. It is always your own choice: if you want to learn, Capgemini will give you the tools to do it. I like being asked to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. Last year, I was asked to look after a cybersecurity project, which required a lot of knowledge gathering. The next project involved a chatbot, which I didn’t even understand at first. But once I started the learning process using our Capgemini tools, I knew it was the project for me.

I really appreciate that our portfolio is so huge, and thus there are always new things to learn. Our biggest assets are own people. I know I can always ask my colleagues for advice and expertise – and they never say “no.”

Share in the success of your colleagues

There have been so many highlights in my Capgemini journey. The brightest of which are probably the team members I have worked with. While working in Poland, I loved helping to develop the skills of my colleagues – we even used to meet in our free time on Saturdays for some fun mentoring and learning sessions. It makes me so happy to see what they have gone on to achieve. I still get texts from them saying: “Hey Barbara, guess what, I got a promotion. Thanks for being there for me”. Those moments are just priceless. I am so proud that I could be part of their career success. My team members have always been my biggest motivation. My motto is that, as a manager, you are successful when your people are successful.

Another highlight was joining the Outstanding Women in Leadership (OWL) program. When I rejoined Capgemini in Germany, I felt I needed to fight three times as hard to prove I was worth bringing back. So when I received my OWL nomination, it felt like I had made it. The program has really helped me to re-evaluate who I am and what I can do.

Good communication is inspirational   

One of my main strengths is communication – building relationships and coming up with ideas. For as long as I can remember I have loved writing. As a student I was a journalist on two student newspapers, and my communication skills resulted in me becoming vice-president of my university’s student body.

Nowadays, those skills enable me to communicate at a high level in three different languages. I’m writing this article in English; when someone calls my mobile I’ll speak to them in German; and in a few minutes I could be chatting on Skype in Polish. It’s the best possible exercise for the brain! If you can communicate well, you can change perceptions; you can influence people and you can inspire them.

Determination is the way to succeed 

My message to colleagues – and to anyone interested in working at Capgemini – is that the difference between the impossible and the possible is your own determination. Everybody fails, and it can hurt. But you learn from failing.

The only thing that matters is that you are passionate about achieving your goals and come back stronger every time. At Capgemini, I can guarantee you will be given every support to do precisely that.

I love learning and development. I ace building relationships.

Explore opportunities and learn how you too can #LoveYourCareer

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