Contract Vehicles

Capgemini utilizes the following contract vehicles to do business with federal, state and local government agencies.

Schedules and Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs):

Agency-specific IDIQs and BPAs:

GSA IT-70 Schedule
Schedule No. GS-35F-0601M
Program Manager: Brian Murphy,
Description: SIN: 132-51 Information Technology Services: Includes resources and facilities management, database planning and design, systems analysis and design, network services, programming, millennium conversion services, conversion and implementation support, network services project management, data/records management, subscriptions/publications (electronic media), and other services.

GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
Formerly General Services Administration MOBIS 
Schedule No. GS-10F-0037N
Program Manager: Brian Murphy,
Description: SIN 874-1: Consulting services; management or strategy consulting; program planning, audits and evaluations; studies, analyses, scenarios and reports relating to an agency’s mission-oriented business program or initiative; executive/management coaching services; customized business training as needed to successfully perform/complete a consulting engagement; policy and regulation development assistance; expert witness services in support of litigation, claims or other formal cases. The term “consulting” as defined herein does not include staff augmentation.
SIN 874-7: Project leadership and communications with stakeholders; project planning and scheduling; earned value management support; project management, reporting and documentation associated with program/project objectives; stakeholder briefings, participation in required meetings, and related project support services; program integration services; and project close-out services.

GSA SIISS Salesforce BPA
GSA Salesforce Implementation, Integration and Support Services (SIISS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
Schedule No. GS-35F-0601M, BPA Number: GS00Q16AEA1002
Program Manager: John Cattaneo,
Description: SIN: 132-51 Information Technology Services and SIN 132 50: The Salesforce multi-agency BPA is open to all Federal agencies as part of GSA Order ADM4800.2H and awarded under Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) IT Schedule 70. The BPA is organized into seven functional areas:

  • Functional Area 1: UX Design, Business Analysis, Development, Integration
  • Functional Area 2: Data Management and Security
  • Functional Area 3: Program Management Support and Center of Excellence Governance
  • Functional Area 4: Release Management and Post Implementation Maintenance Support
  • Functional Area 5: Support / Help Desk
  • Functional Area 6: Training
  • Functional Area 7: Agile Coaching and Agile Portfolio

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (EAGLE)
Contract No. HSHQDC-13-D-E2011
Program Manager: Kathleen Flynn,
Description: Functional Category 3: Independent, Test, Validation, Verification and Evaluation
To provide solutions to test and validate that IT products and services meet DHS standards, and are performing to defined design, cost, schedule and performance specifications/capabilities. To provide best practices, technologies, tools and support to quality and operational assessments, integration testing, and system test and evaluation, including security certification and accreditation, for IT systems. To provide independent testing, monitoring and evaluation of projects through activities such as, but not limited to, assessments, process and procedure audits, project and performance management, and systems analysis and design.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Business and Program Solutions for Law Enforcement (BAPSLE) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
Contract No. HSCEMS-14-A-00005 GSA Schedule No. GS-10F-0037N
Program Manager: Dan Ford,
Description: To provide program and project management, business, financial and acquisition management support services as described in each category, tailored to the unique needs of law enforcement, to support ICE on a national basis. To furnish the necessary personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, travel and other services required.

Human and Health Services (HHS) Program Support Center (PSC) Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ)
Contract No. HHSP233201500098I
Program Manager:  Jeremy Tsiopanas, 703-447-0066
Description: Under the Program Support Center (PSC) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
contract vehicle, Capgemini Government Solutions provides the Department of Health and Human
Services (DHHS) with experience in analyzing, evaluating, and disseminating information on programs and policies to assist the Department in discharging its critical responsibilities.  The scope of services supported by the IDIQ includes the following:

  • Program Assessment
  • Evaluation Design Studies and Data Collection
  • Performance Measurement
  • Technical Assistance / Expertise
  • Data Analysis
  • Other Ancillary / Support Services including:
  • Translation
  • Website Support
  • Publication Production and Distribution

Military Health Systems (MHS) TRICARE Evaluation, Analysis and Management Support (TEAMS) Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ)
Contract No. W81XWH-08-D-0026
Program Manager: Jeremy Tsiopanas,
Description: This PBWS provides program and project management support services; specialized studies and analyses; performance-based budgeting/financial management and analysis support; business process improvements; functional validation and verification; information management; acquisition management; logistical support, advisory and assistance services supporting improved information resources; management, internal controls and administration of OASD (HA) organizations.

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
Contract No. AG-3A94-B-13-0002 GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-0037N
Program Manager: Jeremy Tsiopanas,
Description: This multi-award, department-wide BPA is primarily for the Food Safety & Inspection Services agency of USDA. This vehicle can be used to obtain Capgemini services. Food safety is core to FSIS, and the mission to keep America’s food and food supply safe encompasses a wide variety of needs. Therefore, this BPA’s scope allows USDA to accomplish a relatively broad set of mission-related activities. This contract is available for use by all USDA agencies and sub-agencies if the scope of work is focused on Food Safety.

Capgemini has been providing services under this BPA since 2013. The following works streams available are:

  • Studies and Analysis of FSIS programs
  • Project effectiveness and feasibility testing
  • Risk assessment, vulnerability assessments, and mitigation planning for food safety project
  • Survey and focus group planning and execution
  • Economic impact assessments, cost benefit analysis, and meat, poultry, egg industry assessments
  • Food defense and emergency response exercises
  • Workforce training preparation and development
  • Peer reviews and technical reports (in accordance with OMB Peer Review Guideline)
  • Operations Feasibility or Effectiveness Testing
  • Risk and Mitigation Effectiveness Assessments
  • Survey and Focus Groups
  • Studies (economic impact, needs and data development, risk management decision-making, and meat, poultry, and egg product industries)
  • Food Defense and Emergency Response Exercises Development, Facilitation, Vulnerability Assessments
  • Development and performance of workforce training, preparation of training materials and development of training courses

GSA Process Improvement BPA
BPA No. GS10FAA 093 GSA Schedule No. GS-10F-0037N
Program Manager: John Cattaneo,
Description: Professional services: Administrative management and general management consulting services. Strategic planning and performance management; strategic business analysis; process and performance improvement; and communications and change management.

CBP Integrated Consulting Services BPA
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Integrated Consulting Services Blanket Purchase Agreement
Program Manager: Dan Ford,

Develop strategic assessments, strategic and tactical approaches and analysis to meet anticipated emerging and future challenges in furtherance of CBP’s mission, “To safeguard America’s borders thereby protecting the public from dangerous people and materials while enhancing the Nation’s global economic competitiveness by enabling legitimate trade and travel.”  The BPA scope includes:

  • Management or strategy consulting, including research, change management, communication plans, evaluations, studies, analyses, scenarios/simulations, reports, business policy and regulation development assistance, strategy formulation on issues related to organization, operations, and business technology
  • Facilitation and related decision support services
  • Survey services, using a variety of methodologies, including survey planning, design, and development; survey administration; data validation and analysis; reporting, and stakeholder briefings
  • Advisory services in accordance with FAR 37.203
  • Mission-oriented business projects or programs and the achievement of mission performance goals.

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