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Business is not usual. Today we see multiple shifts occurring simultaneously. Shifts that are broad, complex, and at high velocity and are driving new levels of disruption and value creation. The risks of not acting or acting in yesterday’s innovation paradigms are far too great. The current situation demands doing something beyond the ordinary. Organizations must confront the new realities and develop an intrinsic ability to apply innovation.

Who we are

Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) brings together a framework for action, a global network of exchanges, and a rich and diverse ecosystem to deliver a high-performance innovation engagement experience through a portfolio of more than 20+ distinct services that span the breadth of the applied innovation process.

What we do

The AIE moves organizations from the problem statement to tangible business outcomes by applying innovation in ways that are meaningful to the business and able to drive tangible value and competitive edge. As thought leaders and innovation experts, we empower enterprises to:

  • Discover, contextualize and experiment with relevant innovations within their specific industry.
  • Move from incremental, low-risk, low-return innovation activity only to a more balanced portfolio of innovation projects.
  • Benefit from our exchanges’ immersive and transformative environment for the exploration, discovery, testing and application of innovation.
  • Rapidly deploy, test and scale innovations in a cost-efficient, risk-mitigated way.
  • Sustain innovation efforts through cultural, leadership and in-house proficiency development.

Outmaneuver disruption

To compete and win, how do you outmaneuver disruption? With Applied Innovation from Capgemini, we can help unlock the enablers that will build the innovation competency that you will need for the long term.


Featured Testimonials

ALM Intelligence Vanguard: Innovation Strategy Consulting 2018

“Capgemini’s applied innovation exchanges are particularly effective for simultaneously facilitating the delivery of real market outcomes to clients and inculcating best practices.”

Discover workshops immerse organizations within a unique ecosystem of innovation

An auto-auctions brand used a 3-day Discover workshop to address business priorities through an innovation lens and was able to map 53 individual opportunities to strategic themes before prioritising them within each innovation horizon. Examples included leveraging blockchain, predictive pricing and insight-led customer experience excellence.

Devise workshop helps improve the value of wearables

Industrial wearables manufacturer ProGlove improves performance and cuts motion waste with a mobile prototype PoC that tested alternative uses of its scanning glove in different scenarios, effectively providing a mobile showcase of the advantages of these applications, through our Devise workshops.

Technology and business shifts we help organizations with:

Innovation Abundance

  • Cloud, social, mobile, artificial intelligence, big data, cybersecurity, quantum computing, internet of things, autonomous vehicles, drones…
  • An ever increasing level of innovation supply, with all its consequences, is a certainty. Capgemini’s Applied Innovation approach helps manage the significant complexity of the new supply landscape.

Digital Literacy

  • Leaders today must develop their digital literacy to navigate and apply the new supply of innovation.
  • Capgemini’s Applied Innovation approach helps leaders improve literacy on digital technologies as well as methods to adjust core processes and cultures to compete with the new disruptors.

Problem Statements

  • Organizations are confounded with their innovation opportunity along with the added disparity between the scale of promise and monetization.
  • Capgemini’s Applied Innovation approach helps frame and implement the solution to modern problems in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous situations.

Applied Innovation Exchange: Core Product Portfolio

Applied Innovation Exchange: Core Product Portfolio

A New Way to Curate and Apply Innovation

Service 1: Discover with AIE Services

Service 1: Discover with AIE Services

Explore emerging technologies, sector trends, business issues and associated organizational...

Service 2: Devise with AIE Services

Service 2: Devise with AIE Services

Swiftly turn innovation opportunities into a workable reality that can be road-tested on a...

Service 3: Deploy with AIE Services

Service 3: Deploy with AIE Services

Drive innovations forward in your business with expert guidance and technology know-how.

Service 4: Sustain with AIE Services

Service 4: Sustain with AIE Services

Nurture a culture of innovation in your organization and build in-house proficiency.

The Innovation Podcast

What does ‘innovation’ really mean? How can companies incorporate this in their DNA to apply innovation at speed and scale? Hear from experts from Capgemini and our partners as they explore these questions and more. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

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