To be an intelligent enterprise or not? That’s the question

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What is the connection between an intelligent enterprise and SAP Leonardo?

Since my previous blog on “Collaborating with the Genius” ( the Capgemini SAP Innovation Centre has made rapid progress with several accelerators and new solutions. Exploring the newer domains of Leonardo, we successfully showcased our demo with Blockchain and a Chatbot. Simultaneously, our new solution for finance using RPA is in the Beta-phase. So, let’s further our Innovation journey, and dive deeper into the concept SAP terms ‘The Intelligent Enterprise’.


Organization know the certainty of change! Their outlook for the future is an increasing level of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Welcome to the VUCA world. As a consequence, long-term and mid-term plans need more room for flexibility. Change is becoming the constant. To champion this, a stable and solid IT infrastructure is no longer enough. Companies that want to be successful can’t differentiate through efficiency alone. Benchmarking the most efficient Business Models are widespread. So, the questions is, ‘How can a company differentiate itself to its competitors’? I believe the answer lies in complimenting different aspects to complete each other. Together with a growing understanding of the customer and their needs, combined with detailed knowledge of a company’s operational processes, while placing Data as the key to align with the derived intelligence to ones’ benefit.


And this leads to the explanation of the “Intelligent Enterprise”. To be more relevant for our customers, we need to understand their needs better and execute the delivery of the offering efficiently. The answer to the question I post in the title of the blog is inevitable, companies need to be intelligent to sustain. SAP Leonardo is here to help. The SAP Cloud Platform is providing the base layer to make sure all systems of Differentiation and Record are running stable. Innovation happens with Intelligent Technologies, like IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Intelligence and Analytics. And guess where you find them – All part of Leonardo! Capgemini is well equipped to be your partner in this journey. We act global with the ability to understand local differences. We have a worldwide network of Applied Innovation Centers and deep understanding of industries and markets.


I’m proud to lead this experienced and talented team building the next generation applications with a powerful platform like SAP Leonardo to truly help your enterprise ‘Run Simple’! To learn more about the SAP Innovation Centre you can visit us at our Utrecht office or contact me directly to collaborate further!

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