CeBIT 2017 - the world’s leading exhibition for digital technologies

New Ways - to disrupt with digital

  • As one of the leaders in consulting, digital technology and transformation, Capgemini is delighted to present its latest industry solutions and successful client projects.

    Location: Hannover/Germany
    Date: March 20 – 24, 2017

  • See our outstanding end-to-end-solutions based on the latest leading technologies from our strategic alliance partners:

    • - IBM (hall 2, Cognitive Zone, Capgemini booth)
    • - SAP (hall 4, C04, Capgemini booth)
    • - Software AG (hall 4, C11, Capgemini booth)
    • - Salesforce (hall 9, A01, Capgemini booth)

Latest Insights

  • Banking Business Process Solution

    Credit Cards and Consumer Loans Originations.
    Multi Institution, Multi Product – managed through a single application.

    Visit us at IBM, hall 2, Cognitive Zone, Capgemini booth

  • SAP IoT in a BOX

    A Capgemini “Solution-as-a-Service” to start quickly on IoT.
    Enables you to respond effectively and simply to the new stakes of real-time management.


    Visit us at SAP, hall 4, C04, Capgemini booth

  • Digital Manufacturing

    Real-time Streaming Analytics & Business Process Monitoring.
    How to create the change of product-to-service-oriented business models through flexible and differentiating processes.

    Visit us at Software AG, in hall 4, C11, Capgemini booth

  • Smart Plant Supervision

    End-to-end IoT framework covering the 5 As.
    Reduced machine downtime, adherence to schedule, focused on core business and innovation vs. crisis management.




    Visit us at IBM, hall 2, Cognitive Zone, Capgemini booth

  • Collaborative Citizen

    Setting up collaboration in the interconnected cities of future. Modeling the digital city along with the citizen ensures a sustainable urban life for future.




    Visit us in the Public Sector Parc, hall 7, Capgemini booth A44

  • The Impact of Molecular Sensing in "Field to Fork"

    Molecular sensing is empowering consumers to control what they eat, drink or what pills they ingest. This gives them the power to control the producers on their promises! Digital methods and tools like the SCiO are opening up opportunities for leading food, agriculture and pharmaceuticals companies to improve their management not only of the “last mile” of marketing and sales, but the entire journey from field to fork.

    Visit us at SAP, hall 4, C04, Capgemini booth

  • Proofecy on MFGPath

    Big data analytics in real-time to better manage your assets.
    The Predictive Maintenance Solution by Capgemini.

    Visit us at SAP, hall 4, C04, Capgemini booth

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