As a woman, you bring a unique perspective to business challenges. To get the most out of your talents, you need a solid support network. That's why we adopted the Women@Capgemini program: it leverages all of our people's talent through initiatives based on the "equal opportunities, equal chances" principle.

Why Gender Diversity Matters

Yesterday, gender diversity just seemed like "the right thing to do." Today, we know it has the power to deliver compelling results to our clients, partners, shareholders and employees. Simply put, advancing talented women to leadership positions is smart business.
In 2012, we created Women@Capgemini, a global program that sets the guidelines related to promoting gender diversity across the Group. By sharing best practices, our offices worldwide are empowered to establish and better manage their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Foundation for Success Built on Four Pillars

The program is based on four pillars:

  • Recruitment: implementing an inclusive gender diversity recruitment policy
  • Development: offering a competitive development program (coaching and mentoring) for talented women
  • Retention: ensuring women stay engaged and are supported  with a work/life balance. Initiatives include establishing core guidelines for compensation and promotion during pregnancy and maternity leave; accelerating early identification of women in promotion panels, and providing them support to grow
  • Changing corporate mindset: promoting gender diversity through training and awareness


  • A more balanced and inclusive work environment
  • Greater innovation and business value
  • Improved employee commitment
  • Increased collaboration
  • A key factor to attract and retain talent

Local Initiatives for Global Results

Recent gender diversity initiatives at our offices worldwide include:

  • France: creating the "lamixiteetvous.fr" website, recognized by the French Diversity Council
  • Germany: appointing a dedicated HR Diversity Manager
  • India: supporting the award-winning WinspirE initiative that offers coaching sessions, infrastructure and more
  • North America: re-launching the Women's Leadership Development program  
  • Norway: investing in Oda Network, the largest women’s network in Norway's IT industry
  • Sweden: managing winIT, Sweden's largest network for women in IT with 2700 members in 14 locations
  • UK: launching the "Family Matters" portal, dedicated to family-friendly employment policies, benefits and assistance

Various offices have also been recognized with numerous awards:

  • Belgium: Capgemini Belgium N.V. received the Top Employer award 2014 for the 7th time in a row.
  • Brazil: Granted only to organizations that achieve the highest standards of career excellence, Capgemini Brazil received the "Top Employers 2012 Award". For three years running 2008 – 2011, Capgemini Brazil was recognized in the "500 Biggest Companies Award." In 2010, they also won the "Interns – The Best Place to Work Award".
  • France: The website "lamixitéetvous.fr" was recognized at the 2013 Diversity Trophies.
  • India: Capgemini India was runners up for Diversity & Inclusion at the 2013 SHRM India Annual Conference.
  • Netherlands: In 2012, Capgemini Netherlands was given the Equal Pay Award and recognized with the Company of Choice for Women in ICT Certificate.
  • Norway: Oda Network, the largest network for women in the IT industry in Norway, awarded the prestigious prize ‘Organization 2013’ to Sogeti Norge AS.
  • Sweden: Numerous awards include Womentor Award, Universum Awards: Sweden’s Best Employer, and No. 1 Employer of Choice by IT-students in Sweden
  • UK: Capgemini UK as ranked in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2013 and 2014 and Maggie Buggie, Vice President, won the 2013 Technology category in the prestigious Women of Achievement Awards.
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