Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Our greatest strength has always been our people, which is why we place our team members’ health, safety and wellbeing among our top priorities

Health and Safety

While at work, you think about a million different things—client responses, team dynamics, project details. One thing you don’t need to think about: your health and safety. Our Health and Safety policies provide information and training for:

  • Accidents, first aid and work-related health issues
  • Disability
  • Safe handling and disposal of hazardous substances
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Guidelines for Capgemini employees working on client sites
  • Risk management
  • Traveling safely in other countries


You should feel good in your work environment. We strive for fun, freedom, trust and a team spirit throughout the workplace. Here are some examples of what we do to make that happen:

  • Work-life balance programs, including the option to work from home
  • Stress management
  • Improvement of employee-manager relationships


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