Culture and Diversity

A team is only as strong as the individuals it consists of. We believe you are strongest when you are simply yourself.

Being part of a team that values you as who you are.

At Capgemini Invent, we believe you are strongest when you are simply yourself. This is why we put you in the focus. Having been a leader in diversity and inclusion as well as work-life balance, our commitment to these factors, which are vital to our success as a team, is now stronger than ever before.


We appreciate your individuality and we celebrate how it fits into our open and collaborative culture, driven by our Capgemini Groupcore values. No matter what your future role with us is, be prepared to thrive, grow, and enjoy being part of a team that values who you are, providing you with all the right opportunities to excel.

By joining us, you become part of our open and collaborative culture – brought to life by our team every day and enabling you to thrive at being yourself!





Employee stories

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