Diversity & Inclusion in North America

Report: Living Our Values through Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion has been a part of Capgemini’s core values since our inception. In North America, strengthening our diversity and promoting a more inclusive culture is a top business priority, as we recognize its ability to move us forward in a competitive, increasingly culturally and globally diverse market. Promoting diversity is not just morally correct, it enhances our business activities. An inclusive culture is what ensures our teams not only thrive collaboratively, but push new boundaries with bold, creative thinking.

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Capgemini team members are increasingly joining and forming Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) which provide two key value add elements:

  • A network of talent across perspectives and experience enabled to drive results on business objectives, and be leveraged as a solution think tank on commerce and culture strategies.
  • A community across dimensions of difference tapped into opportunities to provide support, career development, visibility to leadership, and channels for engagement for employees.

Membership in ERGs grew to more than 800 in 2014, from 100 in 2012. In the same period, the number of ERGs has doubled. Below is a full list of our ERGS.


Employee stories

Vinitha Sunodh

Ask for support, you can’t do everything alone. Believe in yourself, it is the biggest...

Sara Montonen, Manager, Operations Transformation

“My top reasons for joining Capgemini Invent are the people, the inclusive and supportive...

Zhou Zhou

After university, I was unsure what I wanted to do for a career. I have always had an...