Agile Information Management

Develop agile business information applications: Agile Information Management (AIM) leverages our industrialization capabilities, agile mindsets and information management know-how to deliver early business value with improved quality.

An agile framework to combat a volatile environment

For today’s organizations, information is an asset. Companies need fast answers to questions with ever-changing priorities. But the information management landscape has become increasingly volatile and complex. Agile techniques can help adapt to this environment, but their implementation can be difficult due to:
  • Insufficient focus on processing – information management projects usually center on data
  • Slow and inflexible decision-making processes
  • Lack of early feedback resulting from long reports.
Companies need a solution that provides guidance in executing information management projects while enabling maximum flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Adapt to change with AIM

Our Agile Information Management (AIM) Framework builds information management, analytics and big data projects from the ground up. It uses agile techniques to easily and inexpensively adapt to change, whether through increased understanding of the problem or external influences.


  • Early, incremental delivery of business value with improved quality
  • Greater control and less speculation over requirements and solutions
  • Amplified savings and cost benefits thanks to rework reduction of up to 50%
  • Overall project speed improvement of up to 20%

Client collaboration for proven results

Our AIM Framework is tried and tested to ensure it meets with the agile principles of inspect and adapt. AIM leverages our Rightshore® and Collaborative Business Experience® approaches to deliver business value incrementally for small organizations and major global players alike. We have delivered the following results to our clients worldwide:
  • For a major telecom company in Europe, we delivered priority KPIs to eliminate financial losses quickly
  • For a large electronics and consumer goods company, we reduced rework by 50% with a project that completed 20% faster than expected
  • For a complex global organization with several separate financial planning and consolidation processes, we defined short sprints and supported delivery in weeks. A conventional IM process might have delivered a monolithic solution after three to five years only.

Contact Venkat Iyer to learn how our AIM Framework can make your company more agile and effective.


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