Subtilités et enjeux des solutions modernes de gestion du cycle de vie des produits (PLM)

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Cet article décrit à la fois les concepts fondamentaux et les principaux composants fonctionnels d’un système PLM

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Jacques Bacry, Vice President, PLM Group Leader

Jacques Bacry has more than 30 years of international experience in digital transformations, research, service and consulting. His specialty is software factory implementation, PLM architecture and solution, 3D virtualization and Artificial Intelligence. He is also credited as one of the inventors of the V5 architecture of the object model and features platform of CATIA. At Capgemini Jacques leads PLM division of Digital Manufacturing TLI and helps in PLM strategy and Business Development. Prior to Capgemini, Jacques headed Keonys Group as CEO which is a spin off from Dassault Systèmes. His education incudes graduation in Computer Science from university, specialized in Artificial Intelligence.

Innovative approaches to collaborating, virtualizing, and accelerating your product design, development, and launch

Product lifecycle management (PLM) defines how to manage and automate product lifecycle processes, from product conceptualization to retirement. This paper outlines both the fundamental concepts and the key functional components of a PLM system. It describes key industry imperatives such as virtual product development, product-process-resources methodology, a collaborative PLM, and corresponding synthesis approach.


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