Amazon Web Services

Across industries, organizations are racing to the cloud. Are you leading the charge – or falling behind?

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

Organization want top-tier performance to drive growth. Capgemini takes time to understand your entire business and strategy, not just your IT systems. Our close partnership with AWS allows us to work end-to-end as a seamless, integrated team. We collaborate closely to ensure flawless execution.

Optimizing Your Cloud with Capgemini and AWS

Capgemini and AWS don’t simply place your existing infrastructure in the cloud. We help you embrace the “as-a-service” economy to transform your business and achieve new levels of success.

Capgemini’s robust team of AWS-trained consultants and architects know how to optimize your migrated workloads and cloud-native applications on AWS. We can offer an all-in-one package of cloud hosting, industry-specific solutions, ongoing management, and continual improvement. Our cohesive, end-to-end solutions enable you to leverage AWS technologies and methodologies and realize the full value of the AWS Cloud.

With more than 5,000 successful cloud projects and 20 active customer references, Capgemini boasts a proven ability to migrate and optimize workloads in the AWS cloud. Industry leaders such as GE Oil & GasBroad Green PicturesABN AMRO, Telenor Connexion and Gas Natural are experiencing firsthand the business agility, business-model flexibility, and operational efficiency enabled by Capgemini and AWS

Move to the cloud to get ahead and stay ahead

Business Agility

  • Take advantage of pay-per-use, on-demand infrastructure to achieve fluid scalability and faster time to market

New Business Models

  • Leverage a nimble infrastructure that supports emerging technologies to transform your core business, enter new markets, and rapidly innovate new business models

Operational Efficiency

  • Benefit from a serverless architecture that replaces frontloaded, high-capex infrastructure with predictable costs, lower total cost of ownership, and optimal return on investment

Featured Testimonials

Don Walker, CIO, Louisiana Pacific

We expect to save more than $5 million over the next five years while enhancing the services that were being delivered previously.

Building Business Agility: Louisiana Pacific, Capgemini, and AWS

Meet our experts

Alessandro Falconi

Expert in Wealth Management, Investment Services, Capital Markets


Expert in End User Services Connected Employee Experience Windows 10

Agnieszka Palonek

Expert in Finance & Technology Transformation, General Accounting, Project Management

Akshay Kumar

I work with client across North America and help them with digital transformation strategies and roadmaps using an API-first and a Cloud-first approach

Fons Pommée

Financial Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and data

Matthew Brada

Expert in Digital Transformation & Innovation

Ashok Bajaj

Expert in Customer Experience, Knowledge Solutions, Services architect and Services solutions

Aurélien Boulangé

Infrastructure Services

Stephane Petex

I work on the network standards for our major account clients. Network consulting for IT projects. I am a technical expert and support L4. Involved in the building of network solution for Cloud computing platform: Cisco (ACI), Vmware (Vshield manager, NSX), Microsoft (Azure Pack), Cisco Certifications: CCNP, CCDP


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