Pramod Kuksal

Leading such a diverse team and managing stakeholders at an early stage of my career is a matter of pride itself.

What drives me to work

It’s the challenge, to help, influence, negotiate and interact with people, The ability to touch or potentially influence other people’s lives and businesses

My usual work day

I lead Capgemini’s largest Global Security Operations Center, I also lead the Endpoint services operations globally. Currently, managing a pool of over 60 customers globally.

My usual work day starts with OPs review, leading potential executive level customer visits, Participating, advising bid and solutioning team in creating bid proposals and attending delivery meetings.

Skills to be a Sr. Manager

Professionals with relevant experience in cyber security, and importantly with a feeling of accountability can do this job.

My Aim

Provide customers and organizations a sense of security in the connected world completely and efficiently

Overcoming Challenges at work

Cyber security is niche and dynamic, where the threat landscape changes based on geography, industry vertical and time, it requires me to be thorough and updated with technology information and knowledge. Capgemini empowers employees through rewards and recognition and sponsored learning opportunities.

What motivates me?

The autonomy and empowerment that I receive at Capgemini is a real motivator for my role.

How Capgemini empowers me?

Capgemini provides me the liberty to explore, as I mentioned above autonomy is the biggest reward and motivator for me, followed by the purpose, if it wasn’t Cyber Security I wouldn’t have been in IT industry.

What makes me Proud?

Leading such a diverse team and managing stakeholders at an early stage of my career is a matter of pride itself.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini provides a unique blend of opportunities to learn, develop and grow and values work life balance.

Advice for aspiring Architects

Everybody works hard and comes with a good intent to work, but the key differentiators are tenacity, sense of accountability, constant learning and the ability to envision.

Pramod Kuksal

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