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A sound approach for blending cost savings and investment in your application services

At times of global economic upheaval, boardrooms are driven to rapidly re-assess strategy, priorities and focus. Some will elect to take a cautious approach while others will seize an unplanned but unique opportunity to drive positive change across their business.

Today, there is an unprecedented chance to redefine enterprise; to embed new and more agile ways of working, boost innovation, and enhance customer experiences while, simultaneously, realizing new revenue opportunities, reducing costs and – perhaps for the first time, do so at scale.

“Artificial intelligence, analytics, and automation, while offering transformative potential business value, need an integrated approach across data, processes, and technologies. When deployed in isolated use cases at task-automation levels, they do not scale and provide their expected transformational impact on end-to-end process outcomes.”

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Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform is a purpose-built, plug and play platform enabling effective IT, applications services and business operations delivery to provide intelligent automation at its full potential for businesses to reap maximum value across the entire operation, seamlessly, and at scale. CIAP enables businesses to move from operations focused, limited value, isolated deployment of automation to an enterprise wide, automation-first approach, for integrated end-to-end service management.

Why choose Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform?

The platform is mature and proven. It is informed by our experience driving intelligent automation transformation programmes for over 600 clients globally, and is supported by more than 30,000 automation professionals and experts – all with an automation-first mindset. Plus, it’s live – with active North American and EMEA instances delivering real-world business outcomes today.

Capgemini Intelligent Automation Platform