Connected Employee Experience

A fantastic employee experience is everything. Make sure it’s everywhere.

Experience is Everything

Every company wants to keep its employees satisfied and productive. Because a great employee experience translates to great business results. As more people work from home or remotely, the employee experience becomes increasingly critical to employee satisfaction, employee retention, attracting top talent, and many other key factors that impact business performance.

But what’s required to make the employee experience truly amazing?

Capgemini’s Connected Employee Experience is the answer to the modern Digital Workplace. It brings a new level of choice and flexibility to employee interactions, engagement, collaboration, and support.

End-to-end capabilities, all connected

Connected Employee Experience

Capgemini expedites your journey to building a superb experience with the Connected Experience Framework, and offers four core elements that can be delivered individually or integrated to meet your requirements:

  • Connected Workspace delivers fast and secure connectivity, intuitive interfaces, and simple access to all applications and data, anytime and from anywhere, using virtually almost any endpoint device–company-issued or personal–with personalized support whenever employees need help.
  • Connected Collaboration services brings people together for better business results. Our solutions deliver an end-to-end, seamlessly connected, personalized, integrated experience across all user-preferred collaboration interfaces, including cloud-based digital productivity suites that incorporate leading communication and social collaboration tools.
  • Connected Office services take the office experience to a higher level for employees and visitors in any office environment, including home offices.
  • Connected Support portfolio provides personalized services when and how you need them. We offer a highly efficient, transformative end-user experience that results in a more productive workforce at a lower cost of support.

Experience is our Advantage

Capgemini has proven its expertise in end-user transformation at thousands of successful client engagements worldwide, and we are uniquely qualified to help your enterprise chart its own course to the Connected Employee Experience. Our differentiators include:

  • Constant stream of innovation: Discover, experiment, and apply the most relevant innovations
  • Strong, independent partners: Strong alliances with leaders in employee experience innovations
  • Business and strategic perspective: We focus on business value, not just technical acumen.
  • Sector-specific expertise: We have served enterprises of all types and sizes in virtually every industry
  • Flexibility: Unprecedented freedom of choice in devices, apps, locations, and use cases
  • Consistency: Proven methodologies for optimizing all aspects of the employee experience
  • Simplicity: We simplify every facet of your journey—so you can focus on your business
  • Metrics: Our Employee Experience Index enables you to measure and improve continuously

Connect with us to create an amazing experience

You can see all of the Connected Employee Experience solutions in action at our Connected Employee Experience Showcase facilities. Come and see a live demo, or contact us to organize a virtual tour.

Connected Collaboration

Connected Collaboration

Working better, together.

Connected Experience Framework

Connected Experience Framework

Accelerate Your Journey to an Amazing Employee Experience

Connected Office

Connected Office

Give your employees smarter, easier, more efficient ways to interact with your office...

Connected Support

Connected Support

Personalized services when and how you need them

Connected Workspace

Connected Workspace

Your apps and data, your way

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