Supply Chain Management for Life Sciences

Life Sciences executives are realizing that supply-chain improvement can not only lead to significant increases in shareholder value, but it can provide competitive advantage in sales channels and accelerate the launch of new products through to profit.

A Full Spectrum of Solutions

In addition, we offer general supply-chain solutions to support clients in the full spectrum of their supply-chain issues including:

  • Collaborative sourcing
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Demand planning
  • Price revenue optimization
  • Contract management.

Two Key Strategies

Capgemini works with clients to develop client-specific supply-chain opportunities spanning management consulting through systems integration. Our supply-chain solution focuses on two industry-leading strategies:

Internal Efficiency Through Operations Excellence

Manufacturing and Quality (M&Q) organizations within global life sciences companies must become excellent at what they do. Our proprietary Operations Excellence solution focuses on the improvement of M&Q operations by aligning organizations/departments with business processes, pulled by customer demand.

We have consistently achieved benefits for our life sciences clients in risk reduction, cycle time reduction, waste elimination and document handling.

External Effectiveness Through Commercial Transformation

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must tackle their order-to-cash processes to maximize their revenue and minimize the cost of fulfilling demand. Capgemini’s commercial transformation methodology has been developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, to increase the value of the margin between cost-of-goods and selling price to the patient, and to develop radically redefined downstream trade relationships and transform the supply chain.

We have found that for a major global pharmaceutical company, profit benefits of $100–500M can be achieved – the equivalent of the introduction of a new blockbuster.


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