Secure your CA Gen vision with REGENERATE, a modernization and migration solution offered by Capgemini in partnership with Jumar Solutions.

Today’s Choice: Modernize or Migrate

Since the 1980s, CA Gen has driven application development for large public and private sector organizations. But the technology landscape is changing rapidly and organizations using CA Gen are now faced with a number of challenges, including:

  • Competition from emerging digital technologies
  • Skills shortage in CA Gen expertise
  • Significant licensing costs

As a result, today’s organizations must choose between optimizing and modernizing their CA Gen environments or migrating to a new platform designed for evolving business needs.

Securing your CA Gen Vision

In partnership with Jumar Solutions, we have developed REGENERATE, a suite of solutions designed to help you optimize, modernize or migrate your CA Gen environment. It brings together three offers:

  • Support: focus on optimization rather than replacement through proven experience
  •  Update: upgrade and modernize rapidly and accurately using specialized automation tools
  •  Migrate: migrate to a more modern and easily accessible environment that guides you along your digital journey

Unrivaled Expertise in CA Gen Automation

We partner with Jumar Solutions, a world leader in automatizing CA Gen transformation, modernization and migration. Together, we decades of experience in helping companies worldwide transform their CA Gen environments while dramatically reducing the effort, cost, time and risk of migration projects.

Capgemini provides IT services for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), including development and support for 19 CA Gen systems which process tax, duties and benefits. The CA Gen systems integrate with other technologies on HMRC’s large IT estate and with external systems. Over the last ten years we have re-platformed these  systems, and implemented a major CA Gen update affecting in excess of  40,000 users, working with Jumar as a key partner to deliver the modernisation programme. A combination of technology refresh, system enhancements and effective service management has met the performance and  SLA targets for the systems, some of which are required to operate on a 24×7 basis.


Discover how REGENERATE can transform your CA Gen environment: Craig Mill and Rob Burns

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