Smart Mobility Connect: Connected Services and Products

Customers are more connected than ever before. They now expect to be at the ultra-convenient center of a world of interconnected services and products.

Seeing that their territory is being explored by new entrants more focused on the consumer user-experience, OEMs are starting to build their own connected product and service portfolios: car sharing, apps that interact with cars, or entirely redesigning product offerings. In the digital age OEMs are assessed not only by the quality of the car they produce but by the connectivity of services, controlled and supported by apps.

At Capgemini Invent we identify areas for new connected services and products based on consumer data and insights. We ensure that products are seamlessly spread across a multitude of channels and we help design end-to-end mobility solutions that increase customer satisfaction and span the future landscape of mobility services. Our solution includes:

  • Connected Services Portfolio—With the help of customer journey design and translation into processes, we develop new target-group specific, user-centric service functions for private as well as business customers (e.g. fleet services B2B, car sharing services B2C).
  • Digital Service Monetization—We support the monetization of connected services and evaluate potential bundling opportunities. Based on aligned revenue streams we can detect consumers‘ willingness to pay for the respective service offerings and determine pricing and payment models.
  • Sales Channels and Mobility Services—We develop customer-centric omni-channel (direct) sales models. Based on this we help our customers to design their sales and retail strategy and to consistently manage all customer touchpoints and internal processes. Additionally, we conceptualize, integrate and roll out e-commerce platforms.


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