Digital Supply Chain Transformation

The world is changing and supply chain management needs to adapt.

Today socially networked consumers demand greater access to information and of course many different ways to receive the products.  This is further propelled by shift in global demographics and rise of megacities.

While the evolving technology landscape continues to foster new business models, from the multiple perspectives of supply chain, given the growing concern on environmental impact, a greater emphasis is on enabling sustainable, local and ethical sourcing.

Scarcity of natural resources, reduction of waste, stringent regulatory compliance requirements and instilling transparent process are some of the critical challenges businesses face today.

In addition to the customer centric environment, supply chain management must still operate in an efficient way. Reducing costs or increasing efficiencies still remains a leading factor for supply chain operations.

Supply chain management must be Green, Lean and Digital.

Based on the shifts in society supply chain managers need to establish customer centricity.

Digital Supply Chain


The vast majority of supply chain managers initiatives are still focused on cost savings – this is also the top priority of the clients SCM office.

Although SCM is increasingly seen as an enabler for new businesses and increasing revenues, it is still the optimum choice to bring costs down.

The economic and theoretical models of 50´s to 80´s considered supply chain management as a operational cost element. Of course, this is true, but in a rapidly changing world, supply chain managers and their leadership peers need to understand the new requirement and priorities of customers and adapt accordingly.

Digital Supply Chain - Capgemini invent

Download our Future Of Supply Chain Management Infographic to understand how we are able to serve our customers, suppliers and partners in a
Reliable, Transparent and Flexible Manner

What we do

We support companies in the transformation of their supply chain towards customer centricity by use of data and application of analytical tools together with lean methods, targeting a new level of supply chain excellence and sustainability.

Capgemini invent’s Supply Chain Management service offers high-end management consulting services to help drive strategy formulation and execution, transform supply chains and accelerate results. With a focus on Digital Supply Chain Management we cover the full spectrum of capabilities to optimize our client’s supply chain end-to-end.

Capgemini invent’s tools accelerating transformation

  • Digital use case library: A repository containing over 100 use cases and 140 industry insights providing our clients with a portfolio of the latest digital technologies applied across all industries. Instead of re-inventing the wheel we adapt Industry Best Practices to the situation of our clients to ensure fast and secure delivery
  • SCM KPI & Benchmark Database: An up-to-date metrics model covering the full scope of the supply chain, addressing all industries and allowing an end-to-end perspective from supplier to customer network. Helping to understand the possible opportunity for each company. We consider benchmark figures as an orientation for target setting – not as the un-reflected ultimate goal
  • AIE – Applied Innovation Exchange: Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Network includes 15+ Innovation centers worldwide, all linked together, enabling the right expertise at the right time whenever needed. Each local ecosystem which consists of startups, academies, partners, research centers, is available for the whole group
  • ASE – Accelerated Solutions Environment: A first class facilitation capability used to rapidly resolve complex business challenges.
  • SOLUTIONS instead of Powerpoint slides: Capgemini invent together with our colleagues from the global Capgemini group demonstrates how solutions really work – instead of promising results without proof. Our SAP S4 Hana demonstration system gives the customer a realistic look and feel what is possible – and what not. In our AIE we demonstrate how AI in combination with AR/VR technologies works. Our IoT platform demonstrators give practitioners a view of how Manufacturing Intelligence works and how predictive quality functions. Our supply chain control tower demonstrator provides insights how to achieve true end to end supply chain visibility

Digital Supply Chain solutions instead of Power point slides

Capgemini invent, together with our other business units from the global Capgemini group, demonstrates how solutions really work – instead of promising non evidenced results. Our SAP S4 Hana demonstration system gives our customers a realistic look and feel what is possible. In our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) we demonstrate how artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with AR/VR technologies works. Our internet as a service (IoT) platform demonstrators give practitioners a view of how manufacturing intelligence works and how predictive quality functions. Our supply chain control tower demonstrator provides insights in how to achieve true end to end supply chain visibility.

Client Industry Accomplishments

Automotive Operations Transformation Automotive: paved the way to become Industry 4.0 leader through the definition of a digital production transformation roadmap.
CPG Operations Transformation Consumer, Products, Retail (CPG): reduced lead time for document and payment flow by 10 days through digitising supply chain processes including tool support.
Pharmaceuticals Operations Transformation Pharmaceuticals: Improved process stability, reduced error and interference rate through standardization, as well as transparency over material flow performance based on a KPI cockpit.
Manufacturing Operations Transformation Manufacturing: Increased transparency on customer order status and acceleration of global spare parts delivery following the design of a control tower with a global alert monitoring.
Transportation Operations Transformation Transportation: Digital strategy for efficiency increase and new services defined to achieve 7% annual top-line growth and 12% FTE efficiency based on selection of digital use cases and followed by conduction of selected Proof of Concepts.




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