Applying TechnoVision

TechnoVision 2020: Applying our emerging technology predictions in your business

TechnoVision 2020 can help you and your business colleagues to analyze, debate and then operationalize the emerging technology trends that are relevant to your enterprise.

As a guide to all that’s happening in the complicated world of digital technology, TechnoVision aims to bring simplicity to the complexity of future technology predictions. TechnoVision includes 37 Technology Business trends, grouped into seven containers and placed within a proven framework.

Yet the knowledge contained with these containers is simply a starting point for understanding new emerging technologies. The intention is that you and your business colleagues use TechnoVision to bring simplicity to digital change within your own organizations. Above all, we believe TechnoVision is a tool to tell a Technology Business story – and now it’s time for you to create a narrative for your own innovation landscape.

Download open source box designs to  run your own TechnoVision Sessions

Design for Digital

Invisible Infostructure

Applications Unleased

Thriving on Data

Process on the Fly

You Experience

We Collaborate

TechnoVision 2020 includes a range of tools to help you and your business colleagues to talk about emerging trends in technology in a simple, straightforward manner. We believe this clear dialogue around digital change is crucial.

Now, more than ever before, technology is a team sport – it’s procurement, implementation and exploitation are no longer simply the preserve of the IT department. Everyone has a view on current technology trends. Great ideas for the innovative application of this technology can come from anywhere, be that the IT department, internal lines of business, trusted external partners or even loyal customers.

You need to be able to widen the conversation around technology business change in order to help your organization. TechnoVision is the starting point for a debate about new emerging technologies that helps your enterprise find the right solution to its next business challenge.

Emerging trends in Technology: Creating the simple building blocks for change

This is the 12th edition of TechnoVision and during that time we’ve spent a considerable amount of time honing our content and analysis. We all live in a time-precious era of limited attention span, and we should also make sure our conversations about technology trends in business are crisp and engaging.

TechnoVision 2020 provides this focus – and it does so through a series of engaging tools that we hope will use to apply the best-practice lessons from our analysis in your own organization as you think about future trends in information technology.

We believe our TechnoVision boxes will be critical to this approach. Here, the 37 Technology Business trends than we identify in the full report can be turned into colorful, real-life cardboard boxes. Each box contains a short elevator pitch of a trend and a QR code for more detailed content.

What’s more, we have also made the graphic designs publicly available for free, so that the boxes can be printed out on plain cardboard or however else you choose to use them.

Our boxes can become your building blocks for discussion as you look to embrace digital technology trends and innovations to create a Technology Business. We believe they can help your employees to take a solid grasp on the sometimes-ephemeral technology trends in business.

TechnoVision 2020: Debating and discussing new emerging technologies

These boxes also feature in several of the key tools we have generated to help you discuss and debate the 37 Technology Business trends outlined in our full report. The full list of ways we encourage you to use in order to apply TechnoVision 2020 in your own business are as follows:

  • TechnoVision Theater – Used as an introduction to emerging technology trends or as a teambuilding and alignment tool for business and technology delegates. The Theater helps familiarize a team with TechnoVision’s capabilities. The aim is for multiple teams to report out to each other and to build on each other’s stories. Documenting the sessions is a must, through video recording or even a “live cartoonist.”
  • Business Model Canvassing – Creates insight into how new emerging technologies can change the business models of organizations through two key approaches: the Business Model Canvas method and the TechnoVision 2020 building boxes. The approach lets participants generate ideas about how the technology building blocks can be used to improve business performance or to entirely change your organization.
  • Repositioning – Takes a view on your existing development projects, and operational applications. Participants analyze whether they’re making use of technology innovation trends and, if they’re not, whether their approach should change. The approach ensures past investments are updated, pruned and rejuvenated for faster progress. Repositioning is repeated as required to ensure actions are created for the current innovation landscape.
  • Digital Picture – This Capgemini methodology is used to create a picture of an enterprise’s innovation landscape. It is produced by combining the points of view of various stakeholders, from managers to customers. The Digital Picture takes the form of a dialogue and the debate helps compare and contrast the current position to the new emerging trends outlined in TechnoVision 2020.
  • Storytelling – Using the information in TechnoVision to help build the structure and content of your Technology Business story. We believe using the TechnoVision boxes is a proven way to make the content more alluring and a tangible way to understand digital technology trends and innovations.
  • Grab a Box – Like an ultra-fast workshop based around the 37 Technology Business trends identified in TechnoVision. Create a wall of TechnoVision building boxes and ask all participants to have a brief look. Get them to choose a box that – on its title alone – intuitively matches their interests or ambitions. Get every participant to give an elevator pitch on why they selected that box and how they would make use of its approach in the current innovation landscape.
  • Applying TechnoVision Virtually – As a rule of thumb, we prefer to apply TechnoVision in a lively workshop setting. Usually, this takes place in the context of our Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) labs, or our Accelerated Solution Environment (ASE) environments. However, the COVID-19 crisis requires us to think differently, and, for most of us, working from home and social distancing are part of the new normal. While there is no real substitute for human contact, the nature of TechnoVision means it can be applied virtually.
  • #TweetMyArchitecture – Old perspectives on change are not fit for purpose in the digital age. Instead of weighty schematic diagrams, get participants in TechnoVision debates to give their feedback in the simplest way possible – the 280-characeter-length limit imposed by Twitter. Then get participants to take no more than 30 seconds at the end of a TechnoVision workshop to explain their vision for technology trends in business.

Our intention is for you to use these tools – or similar mechanisms that develop in your own organizations – to consider the impact of digital technology trends and innovations. By using technology to simplify its business, your organization can improve the lives of consumers, colleagues and citizens. We can’t wait to hear about the positive changes you make as a result of TechnoVision 2020.

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