Pillar 2: Devise with AIE Services

Shape & De-risk

  • Ideas & insights into proof of concepts
  • Prototypes & MVPs
  • Business model designs
  • Technical architectures




Our services:
Lean Prototyping

Demo & Preparation to Scale 

Two week sprint to build internal marketing. package, startup-style deck & pitch, showcase demo day and prepare funding and plan to scale.

Rapid prototyping enables to enterprises to bring innovations to life in a low-risk environment to test and interrogate their feasibility and value. Ultimately, this leads to one of three main organizational outcomes: deploy, pivot or reject the innovation. This provides this a basis for critical decision-making from a position of knowledge and increased certainty.

From possibility to proof

During a 2-week sprint, Capgemini takes enterprises on a journey from possibility to proof. The Lean Prototyping: Demo and Preparation to Scale service investigates the workings of an innovation from multiple angles while generating organizational momentum at the same time:

  • User perspective: user testing and rigorous gathering and application of feedback
  • Stakeholder consideration and buy-in: internal marketing package and startup style deck and pitch
  • Learning and critical decision-making: demo day
  • Business impact and value: detailed funding plan
  • Enterprise readiness: plans and tools for rollout and scaling the solution

As a result, organizations are well equipped to arrive at an outcome and act upon it, fast.


2-week design sprint to get started, scope the prototype (MVP/MLP), and define the development backlog


2-8 weeks of agile/lean iterative development


1-3 day unique event to generate an abundance of new ideas to inspire business decisions


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