Tailoring sales to the needs of the buyer with CPQ

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Learn more from one of our experts in a personal demo session on how you can quickly and efficiently transform your Configure, Price, and Quote processes, with Fast CPQ for SAP Customer Experience.

The digital economy has changed the buyer/seller dynamic. Buyers want to build their own quotes online in real time, customized for their needs and specifications. Sellers need seamless, integrated systems for easy flow of Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) data. Fast CPQ for SAP Customer Experience solutions, specifically developed by Capgemini, can quickly and efficiently transform your CPQ processes while mitigating complexity and integration expenditures. The solution empowers experiences that offer buyers intuitive self-service capabilities, drive sales organizational efficiencies, save time, and deliver agility and value to the C-suite.

Tailoring sales to the needs of the buyer with CPQ

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