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Now’s the time for retailers to rely on more than just store traffic and transactions to derive in-store insights.

In brief, Store.AI helps maximize sales per square foot, foster loyalty, and optimize staffing decisions

Forrester sees in-store analytics as only second behind omnichannel experience (1) as the top retail in-store investment, and it’s been shown that retailers who invest in in-store analytics enjoy a six point advantage in conversions. Yet today a majority of retailers only count traffic and transactions.

Store.AI focuses on outcomes and addresses market gaps by including all store sources in the analytics equation. Store.AI exploits rich store data, from planning, to its capture, to the resultant insights. Store.AI tracks and integrates data from customers, the physical store, store employees and store products.

And Store.AI integrates the latest Intel technologies for computervision, artificial intelligence frameworks, and IoT edge devices, along with partner technologies such as LISNR ultrasonic data-over-sound technology and Capgemini proprietary personalization and analytics algorithms.

Store.AI gathers and analyzes store data to intelligently tailor personalized messaging and optimize in-store experiences and operations. It optimizes layouts and staffing duties and schedules, measures marketing campaign effectiveness, and makes recommendations to assist in product assortment decisions. Store.AI is easily installed and is easy to use with its intuitive dynamic reporting tools available for store managers all the way to the store’s central headquarters.

Featured at NRF 2020

Ready to explore Store.AI at your store? Contact one of our experts and visit The Smart Digital Store website.

Interested?  Please contact:

Europe / Asia Pacific / North America / Latin America

Revathy Rajendran
Global Sales Enablement Lead | The Smart Digital Store

Learn more about our alliance with Intel

Store.AI – Sentient to...

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