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Disney Data & Analytics conference_2023

Disney’s data and analytics conference 2023

14–16 August, 2023
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, FL

We are delighted to announce Capgemini is a Silver Sponsor of the Disney Data & Analytics Conference (DDAC) 2023. We hope to see you there.

DDAC has a distinguished legacy of providing invaluable insights and knowledge centered around data and analytics, catering to a diverse community of business professionals.

Come and explore our cutting-edge offerings and solutions in the dynamic realm of Data and AI. We invite you to visit our booth for a look at transformative solutions empowering organizations to thrive in the era of data-driven enterprises.

Join us to explore the exciting possibilities for your data infrastructure. Our team will be there to engage in meaningful conversations and help you unlock new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Join Capgemini @ DDAC 2023, Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando | Booth #517

Explore our themes

Are you getting full value from the data available to you?

Our research reveals many organizations are a long way from mastering their data.

Data & AI Elevated

Weaving today’s trends into a vision for the future

From innovative ways to rapidly start benefiting from cloud and edge computing, this chapter opens up the best practices and use cases for innovation, all the way up to serendipity and augmentation as the drivers to next-generation user experiences.

Creative and Generative AI

Why consumers love generative AI

Generative AI is becoming an integral part of many people’s personal and working lives for activities thought exclusive to the human mind, such as generating content and brainstorming. In our report, we explore the potential of generative AI, its reception by consumers and their hopes around it.

Sustainability Served

To create a better planet

A flurry of innovative ideas on how data, analytics and AI can be used to create a better planet; and not ‘only’ in terms of the environment, but also in terms of battling diseases, feeding the world, and even addressing the United Nation’s 17 sustainable development goals.

IDEA by Capgemini

Get the keys to your data-powered organization.

Are you looking to industrialize your data estate? Or liberate the full power of your business through data? Get the keys to your data-powered organization with IDEA by Capgemini.

Join us for our informative speaking session

Businesses are looking to harness the volume, variety and velocity of available data to create the next competitive advantage for their organization. In order to drive innovation, reduce time to market, and lower technical debt, there is a business imperative to transform the data fabric of the organization.

Introducing Capgemini’s IDEA – Industrialized Data Engineering and AI Acceleration, a suite of modular accelerators built on a metadata-driven framework enabling Data Estate & AI Modernization on the Cloud.

Date and time:  August 15, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Location:  Fiesta 7-8, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Speaker:  Dinand Tinholt, Vice President, Insights & Data, Capgemini

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Meet our leaders

Dinand Tinholt

Expert in Analytics, Data, Data-driven transformation