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The next step in innovation is a leap forward

With the emergence of new technologies comes new opportunities

The internet and the use of the digital technologies it enables are nothing new. Ever since the internet went public in the 90s we have been exposed to changes and developments in this space, and now it is part of our daily life.

What has changed is that in the past five years alone we have seen the rapid rise of a new class of digital technologies. These include artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), and 5G, among others. These will open numerous new opportunities and transform the way corporations do business forever.

Going forward, executives now have increasingly powerful tools to innovate and drive higher value for their enterprises, but these emerging technologies require extensive technical knowledge and analytical skills. This holds back many firms as they attempt to digitally transform and navigate in this new environment.

Capgemini is positioned to help corporations that are ready to take this next crucial step and make it a strong leap forward. Our report examines these trends and the keys to successfully overcoming these challenges for innovation and growth in the digital era.

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